TWRP - what is the storage option for?

I would like to know what difference it makes choosing one of those options. I cannot find anything in the docs.

“Select Storage” is not only in Mount.
I guess it’s in Mount for convenience because some people might look for it there first, but I could be wrong.

For anything in Mount I guess the choice of Storage should not make a difference.
But for instance in Install, this chooses where you want to look for files to install.

so we keep guessing…

got the answer

The select storage option is to select default storage location for twrp. IE: for backups or for zip/img files location for flashing.


I changed the topic title for future reference to make clear the emphasis was on the option itself, not what it does for the Mount menu … at least I got this wrong from the original title.

ok, I saw it only in that menu, now it is clear :slight_smile:

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