TWRP Update wrong partition


bad mistake happened.
I install the latest TWRP image to the boot partition :open_mouth:

So now I have only TWRP when I boot.
I there a way to fix that?
So I need the FairphoneOpenOS Bootloader in boot, not TWRP.

Assuming you have fastboot installed on your computer (or for Win/Mac you could use the version bundled with the install package):

  1. Download the manual install package for the version of the OS you’re using to your computer (match the version number to what you have installed - if its an older version, you can find the link here).
  2. Extract the install package.
  3. Find the path to boot partition image file in the extracted files (usualy boot.img under images.
  4. Connect the phone to the computer with a USB data cable and start the phone in fastboot mode.
  5. On the computer run fastboot flash boot [imagefile] in a terminal, where [imagefile] is the path to the image file you found in step 3. On linux systems you may need to use sudo for this step.
  6. Reboot the phone.

nope, no change.
only fairphone logo

also a whole restore from existing backups don´t work.

every time only fairphone logo…

Boot folder in twrp filemanager are empty.

That´s the third time that twrp backups doesn´t work. So new install and everything new.

I´m done with fairphone! 5years with a iPhone with no problems (also restore several times with encrypted iPhone) . 3 years fairphone with a lot off struggle.


I’m very sorry to hear that you have so many problems and I can imagine that it’s VERY frustrating if you have to start - the third time - completely anew, even more when you had thought to have been prepared by doing a backup! :frowning_face:

On the other side - maybe when the first anger has gone - you might reconsider if that can really be caused by the type of the device itself… I’ve done lots of TWRP backups on a FP2 and also lots of OS installations. And I can assure you that they can work fine.
Maybe you do have some #fairphoneangels near you, which might help here?

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yeah first anger gone, but I´m really thinking go back to the “devils”.
For me it is not a toy or a nice gimmick. I need it for daily work. I lose all my two factor authentication (OTP). That´s not funny. Now I must spend a lot of time to reset that all.
And answers like: no Backup no mercy…that´s the wrong person you talk about that.
I make a phone Backup every month, safe this to my file server, safe the file server every week to a dedicated storage and safe every second week the store to LTO tape. So I thought I really safe.
But when the first position of this Backup chain failed (with success message)…what should I say.

Bad thinks can happen: bad updates, software bug, Trojaner or like my case, stupid user.
BUT when TWRP says to me: “Backup successfully completed” and the backup not working…

That´s my frustrating point. I did the whole professional Backup stuff (3 2 1 , father - son -…) but all for nothing.

I need for worst case a working backup from my whole cellphone, no manuel backup from every app. I have no time to wait for an faiphone angel, because I need the phone for daily work.

I think everything is said. This thread can by closed.

As I’ve already said I can understand your frustration and I can close the topic of you want.
But in case you might be still willing to try something out:
Did you try to restore your backup via the most current version of TWRP (3.2.3-0)? You might even start that version using fastboot without installing it. Just use the signed version at
You may try to wipe all your partitions (NOT Micro SDCard!) before trying to restore your backup.
You might even “format data”, but be aware that
/data/media resp. internal storage is not backed up using regular TWRP backup!
Then your phone should afaik not remain hanging in FP logo.

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is it a way to install fairphone official version so that you have a running system?
and after this to install twrp
and than to try to reinstall your backup?

Thank´s guys for your feedback. My phone is working now. Most of my data are in my cloud or Server, so a manual restore was possible.
Only the OTP stuff are not working at the moment.

I hope you understood that I wan´t do any experiments with backup and restore.
If this all happens a fourth time I will destroy the phone immediately :no_mouth:

For me faiphone was really exciting experiment as a open alternative to all the commercial cellphones. But for me it ends here.
I think three failed Backups, a broken Case and a damaged touchscreen (electric) after 1 year use and current permanent restarts when the cellphone are in my pocket are enough. All this in only 2,5 years use.

dont do that, i think you can sell it .-)

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