TWRP + Sailfish / Ubuntu / Firefox / Fairphone OS is possible?

I would like to know if it is possible to have TWRP next to any of those systems. With what is possible?

Sailfish OS uses TWRP as recovery, since the installation builds on the system and the recovery image of a certain Fairphone Open OS version.

Fairphone OS uses the stock Android recovery by default. You can use TWRP with Fairphone OS if you

  • boot into TWRP directly after flashing it, so that it can make itself resident. If you boot into Fairphone OS again right after flashing TWRP, TWRP will be replaced with the stock recovery.
  • flash TWRP again (and directly boot into it afterwards) after a Fairphone OS Update perhaps replaced it with the stock recovery. Alternatively you could perhaps alter the update script of every update to prevent that.

I don’t know about Ubuntu Touch or B2G/Firefox OS.

But regardless of the OS you use, you can always boot TWRP without flashing it …

Installing TWRP as a recovery (with fastboot) and performing backups/restore works also with B2G and with UbuntuTouch, I tested that :smiley:
However, UbuntuTouch needs its own recovery to perform OTA-updates (but if you select “stable” channel, frequency of OTA-updates is approx one each two month, so it is not so difficult to reflash the UBPorts recovery once in a while for the update…)

Before installing a new OS, I advise you to copy your TWRP backups to your PC (or any external storage), as it could happens that the installer will wipe all the phone…


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