TWRP recovery of another Fairphone 2's backup?

I’ve created TWRP backup images of two Fairphone 2’s, both with FP Open OS installed (18.04 and 18.10), and would like to clone the image from from one phone onto the other, i.e.: a clone of all of the apps and configurations.

However, when I transfer the SD-card from one phone to the other, the “other” phone’s backup doesn’t appear in TWRP’s list of restore images.

Is the backup strictly bound to an individual device? (i.e.: not useful for recovering a lost/damaged phone?) or is there a way to convince TWRP to use another phone’s backups?

Thanks in advance!

The directory name under TWRP/BACKUPS is device specific.
This is why it looks like e.g. 259f123 or alike.
You have to find that directory name out for the destination (restore) device (by doing another backup of that device -or by finding out the serial number of that device, as the folder is afaik the device’s serial number).


I moved the backup from TWRP/BACKUPS/12345 to the directory created by the new phone, and sure enough - the restore appeared and worked (better than I expected! Email logins, GPG keys etc, Addressbook etc all survived!)

The only surprises were the notifications about “new camera installed” - but that was well documented - a few clicks and your done.



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