TWRP is gone (I think)

I am running FP OS 7.1.2 and wanted to backup my phone with TWRP, which I do once in a while. The last time was in July 2020; I may have updated the OS then (but I am not sure). Now, when I press the power butten and volume “up”, I do not get the TWRP interface but something called Android Recovery, with little text in yellow and several options in blue (reboot, apply update, wipe…) Did something go wrong and can I/should I get TWRP back?

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You are right. Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS 19.11.2 removed TWRP from the FP2 and replaced it by the AOSP recovery which you described.

You will need to re-install TWRP manually using a computer and your FP2 connected to it in Fastboot Mode. Use (only) the “Installing a custom recovery using fastboot” instructions here:


Thank you, Urs!

I thought I had read something like that one day but when I searched the forum today, I couldn’t find anything…

Also, I don’t understand why my phone says the OS version is 7.1.2 and you call it 19.11.2… Should I have found that number somewhere?

One last question: the AOSP didn’t seem to offer a backup possibility. Is that right? So it would really be important to reinstall TWRP?

Re-installing TWRP is completely optional. Fairphone deliberately removed it with the 19.11.2 update (the “Updater” app will always tell you which version of Fairphone OS is installed – 7.1.2 is the Android version) because TWRP seemed to cause issues with many Fairphone users during OS updates. TWRP is just one option for backups, but frankly I have no expertise with which backup options are the best.


Yes, indeed.

The TWRP version included with FPOOS was too old (3.0.2-1 I think, while the last one is 3.4.0-0), and it caused problems.
To do full NANDroid backups, TWRP is indeed needed, it’s the only recovery system allowing this AFAICT.
The last version works very well in any case and is reliable.

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