TWRP for Fairphone 4

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Indeed, in its current state of development TWRP is useless for doing backups, as system and userdata partitions are not successfully decrypted.

TWRP without decryption ability has few use, for example:

But in my opinion the full potential of TWRP could only be with decryption, that’s why I made some trials to include it :slight_smile: (unfortunately without success)


Have somebody tried to decrypt the FP4 successfully ? With

@Aaanze , @hirnsushi for example…

What is it? Could you explain a little? :slight_smile: I searched it up and only found some direct download links (on androidfilehost or sourceforge). Is it an opensource tool or closed-source?

Nope, this stuff is out of my league :smiley:

I had to google it as well and couldn’t find sources either, not that uncommon with tools like that, but still… :roll_eyes:
I’ve seen it’s used in LeOS, does @harvey186 know where it’s from? :thinking:

It’s 32°C at my desk right now so I’m not gonna test something that might make me stay here longer getting my phone back to a working state, sorry :smirk:


it’s a script for removing force encryption setup from device fstab. Nothing more. You can do it also by hand if your vendor image is writeable. The zip is for using with TWRP

It is from a developer in PHH treble telegram group / xda member. there are 2 versions. for devices without super partition and for devices with super partition.

And on my desk where I’m just building GSIs are around 40 degrees. In normal room 28 and outside 34 degrees. Welcome summer :))


So this tool is not really about decrypting anything right ?

You basically flash that to disable force encryption, wiping everything in the process, thus allowing full TWRP features to work.
Assuming the said zip works :smiley:

I remember back in the days - I’m talking Samsung Galaxy S2/3 days - it was common to disable forced encryption as it would notably speed up the device. I’m not sure what would be the point of disabling encryption nowadays (well except when you need to use a TWRP that cannot decrypt your device ofc :smiley: )

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yes, format data, reboot to twrp, flash right version of, reboot and be happy :))


So if I understand well, this process will wipe all data and disable encryption, then you’ll be able to fresh install StockOS/CustomOS on it without encryption, thus being able of doing TWRP backups??

Yes, as it is written several times above

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Yep that’s the idea.

However I have no idea how this thing works nor if it’s bulletproof for every devices… Unless it has been tested on FP4 before by someone who’d care to report ?

Similar here on FP4 /e/OS. fastboot boot twrp.img causes phone to be stuck at the logo in boot up. Issuing the same command again creates a bootloop. It’s only possible to leave the bootloop (and successfully start the system) by going into bootloader/fastboot again and issuing fastboot set_active a command and start system then.

TWRP site says not to do it, but the only thing that worked was to flash the image first and then i could go into TWRP recovery. I did not installed it from the zip file because to do so I had to chose which partition to install on, and i did not find anything with google. But after reboot i can boot into TWRP again without problems.

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So you used fastboot flash recovery twrp.img to flash it?

Yes id did so. And after that i could boot into it without bootloop.


For what it’s worth I also did this, but only because I didn’t think to check whether or not it was a good idea to do it :smiley: . Luckily, it worked.

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Has anyone tried one of these?
Do they enable support for encrypted userdata?
Reading and backupping encrypted files with TWRP on the FP4?

The first link at least seems not reliable, the picture is FP2 and the specs are the ones of FP3 :rofl:

The Fairphone 4 (FP4) features the specifications Chipset Qualcomm SDM632 Snapdragon 632 (14 nm)


These links look like the ton of auto-generated content you can find on the web.
The device article related page is automatically filling a template with [device_name].

Generally speaking for the FP4, I’d say given the amount and the quality of the passionate people on this forum, if any method to do anything is somewhere, it’d be here. Even XDA forums can’t compete. So I’d have some doubts towards any information provided in random android blogs :smiley: