Two week old fairphone 4 e/os crashed down and don't restart

Yesterday evening my fp crashed. It keeps trying to restart.
I tried safe mode but it doesn’t help. I also took several times the battery out.
ANybody some idea what I could do or try

If you have a backup of your data you may try a dic:factorydatareset

Thank you, Volker.
It is a dead link but before I look further, is it different than trying by safe mode? I don’t have the possibility there to make a data reset.
I don’t really mind to have a back up, in two weeks I had no time to gather a lot of information.

Why do you think it’s a dead link?
At least for me it leads to

which contains the topic about factory resets.

Yes, completely different. A factory reset deletes all your apps and data. Safe mode does just not start installed apps. But if there’s a problem in system data, then safe mode may still not start.

Oh thank you! Problems also with my computer for the moment. I try again.
i wonder how I can make a data reset without going trhough safe mode.
But I’ll check and hope :slight_smile:

I remember, I don’t know what to do as it tells me there are no more factory data reset topics. It is not a dead link but not offering a solution I can find easily.
I searched somewhere else for data reset but I need to use a cable and my computer won’t recognise my FP4 so had to let go the data reset option

You don’t need a PC/cable.

Following the link, ignore what’s written below and click on the topic above:


And to make it easier for you :wink: here is the link to the topic:

To sum it up:
press vol-up while starting your phone (and keep it pressed until you reach the recovery system) and select “factory reset” in the recovery menu.

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Thanks a lot you gave me the sum up but vol-up is not making any change in the booting. I waited one minute… I’m afraid I’ll have to send it back :frowning: thanks so much for your help

Ok, no problem, so try to press vol-down while booting (or you may even press power and vol-down at the same time to turn the phone on and enter “fastboot” mode, it should only take about 3-4 seconds). From the fastboot mode menu you can also change to recovery mode and do the factory reset there.