Two Mic on FP2?

Hi everyone !

Unfortunately my FP2 has fallen several times. And now I have several problems : the sd reader card is dead and the mic seems to be dead. I can not make an audio call or a voice message, the people don’t hear me, BUT if I make a visio call with signal it’s working, people can hear me ! How is that ? Has the FP2 two mics or what ?

Indeed, your FP2 has a secondary microphone, it’s the tiny hole on the slim top end of your device. Alternatively, you can also use a headset (headphones/earphones with microphone built-in, often in the cable) that needs to be plugged into the audio port (also on the slim top end).

The bottom module (that includes the primary microphone which seems to be dead on your FP2) is unfortunately no longer available in the Fairphone shop. The only way to get one is to look for a used bottom module, e.g. in this forum’s “Market” category


Thank you ! Yes I use a headset now of course, it was most like a curiosity question !

Ok for the market category but as I’m in Bolivia untill december it will not be possible for me to repair either the mic neither my sd card reader !

I had the same problem a couple of years ago, so bought and replaced the bottom module (it may well have been a bottom module problem as the charger point was also unreliable). It then worked again, until recently. So I swapped it with a 3rd bottom unit, which I happened to have from another phone and it’s still an issue. So I think, not the bottom module.

Whatsapp calls work. I wondered if I could update or uninstall/reinstall the phone app. But it appears to be built in and no changes allowed?

Dialling out is also sometimes not possible on this app, and sometimes it works so I think it may be an app glitch. Just answering in case you need to chcek the app also, and if anyone has any information on how to do this. Thanks!

You could clean storage and cache of the phone app and see if this helps. Else you can download another phone app, define this as standard and then you could at least deactivate the preinstalled phone app…

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