Two different 8MP Camera modules - please explain

There are two camera modlues with 8MP out there.
However, I was only aware of one update.
One module has the sparepart n° 8fp21spkm01-01a - you can tell the difference also, as this modules does not have a horizontal bracket between the flash and the camera when you look at it.
Then there’s the 8FP22CAMR01-01a - this does have the bracket.
Which one is better?
And what’s the difference?

From all that is known, this should be a 12 MP camera module.

Is your FP2 operating system up-to-date?

P.S.: I also just checked my small supply of FP2 spares. The 12 MP camera module came in a bag with exactly the 8FP22CAMR01-01a number that you mentioned (and also marked as “FP 2.5 camera module”).


Ok, thanks for your reply.
I checked both camera resolution settings in the properties of open camera. You’re right. The one in the link (8FP22CAMR01-01a) has the bracket and it is the 12MP cam.

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