Twitter - v slow and trending topics generate no posts

Hi - Is anyone else having problems with Twitter? The app is really slow to load content but the main issue is when I’m looking at trending topics - regularly I try to see tweets on a trend and the app says there are no tweets on this! This can happen even if it’s the top trending topic. Not sure if it’s a Fairphone thing or a Twitter thing - grateful for any advice / workarounds as I use Twitter for work as well as personal basis.


Try out Twidere, it’s open source and supports multiple contacts.

Maybe it loads faster for you. I have used it a lot and I was quite satisfied with its speed.

PS: Also on F-Droid

Edit: I can see trending posts quite fine:

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I really like Twidere because it is fast, open source and has had the Material design way before the official app.

But there’s one problem: Due the restrictions for 3rd-party Twitter clients, Twidere can’t display certain things - for example all responses to a tweet.


Have a try with Tinfoil for Twitter (F-Droid).

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