Tweak the brightness


when using my FP3+ at night, in a completely dark room, I’m struggling to find any comfort, since the brightness is way to high when it was set to the lowest. In other words I can use it as a weak flashlight. Besides that it hurts the eyes, it also certainly requires an increased amount of energy to maintain it, which should be avoidable IMO.

I’m not sure if the solution is on the Android or Fairphone side, so excuses if this post went to the wrong category, but is there a way to undergo the lower limit of brightness?


Hi Frank,

we’ve had this discussion already when the FP3 came out. There were numerous people who, just like you now, found the screen way to bright. There is no technical measure to change this, if I remember correctly.

From my point of view there is a really simple workaround: Just do not use your device at night without an additional light source, because this will hurt your eyes anyway.

Best wishes,

Besides the useful advice from teezeh, you could look at the hint below (as I use the same app) or the surrounding thread for a solution.


Thanks both of you.
In terms of energy consumption I could “live” with the app solution. But I still think there is also a considerable scaling factor, since AFAIK screens usually require the biggest part of the demand on energy (not sure if FP3 is special here) and since every user is affected, in my opinion these boundaries should be lowered in general. In other words this part of the phone I couldn’t label it as a green tech.

There is a Night Light option under the Display settings to reduce harsh colours and also a colour off option under Digital Wellbeing to maybe help reduce the light and save power at night.