Turning on wifi automatically and location services

Hi, can anyone explain why the function of turning on wifi automatically is bound with location services?

Maybe the ‘turn on wifi automatically’ is not what I think it is? I want to turn it on, as my phone keeps dropping the wifi connection at home, and I need to manually turn the wifi off and then on again. I thought that this function should help with that. However, I don’t like location services being on as the default. Why is one dependant on the other?

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Android Oreo’s ‘Turn on WiFi Automatically’ feature is available for all in Android Pie
For a quick refresher on how this feature worked in Android Oreo, it takes advantage of the “Wi-Fi scanning” feature in Location Services to detect Wi-Fi networks in the background. It checks these Wi-Fi networks against Google’s recommendation service, and if the recommendation service determines the Wi-Fi network is trusted (saved network) and high-quality (based on connection quality, network speed, etc.), then your Android device will fully turn on Wi-Fi and automatically connect to the network.”

Did you already investigate why that happens?



Thanks!! OK, I guess I’ll just have to accept it, and I see that I can limit some of the services being activated…

I have, and it doesn’t seem to be caused by any of the reasons that have been identified by people here. Or at least not in any way that with my relatively limited (but by no means not non-existent! :slight_smile: ) technical skills can recognise.

So for now I decided to resign myself to it, and have another crack at it in a few months (if it is still happening). :slight_smile:

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