Turning off during upgrade?

Just this morning I saw the available update (FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420) and decided to do it immediately. First it wouldn’t let me because battery was only at 20-something %. After plugging it in,Dl download startet automatically. After a few minutes when download was finished, it provided the button to restart and install the update. When I pressed it, the phone just seemed to turn off (black display, no sound or vibration after the short vibrate at the end of the shut down sequence). On the chance that it just needed a while, I let it rest for a few minutes. The display remained black. I got concerned a bit, since short-pressing the power button didn’t have any effect. After like 10 minutes I decided to try long-pressing, and after like 10-15 seconds the phone actually started again. After startup completed, the phone showed the message “update complete”, so I suppose everything went fine.

Is this behavior “normal”? I would expect an automatic restart, and not having to long-press the start button?

It can take longer than that :slight_smile:

I realize that an actual update might possibly take longer. But the the screen does not stay black during an actual update, with no other indication of updates going on, right? If that can be the case, I would consider it quite bad usability.

I instead assumed that somehow the restart was not triggered properly; which, given that the phone restarted normally afterwards, seems to have been the case. Or does the phone also report “update successful” even if it failed / was only partially successful / is in an inconsistent state? That would be another usability nightmare then…

I would not call that normal, still I would not be too worried when it happens once (however always have back-ups, issues can always happen).

To check if the update was installed got to settings-abput the phone and all the way down to Build Number

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Most of the data on the phone is synced up automatically, so not too much would be lost, but yeah, good recommendation for next time :slight_smile: .

That now shows the value from my original post (FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420), and the settings menu backgrounds are all “strange-colored” (slightly red at the moment), so I guess the upgrade went fine :sweat_smile:


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