Turn the phone on silent?

This is kinda embarassing, but I can’t turn the FP2 on silent without having it vibrate when I get messages (even though I turned that off). So: how do I turn it on silent for real, without any vibration alerts?

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When you press one of the volume keys, a volume bar with three buttons appears at the top of your screen. The leftmost button is called ‘None’, which turns off all notification sounds.


Hello Ylein,

when you press the volume down button, a menu comes up where you can select between “None”, “Priority” and “All” - which indicates what types of indications you receive. If you want it toally silent you can switch to “None”. You can also define a list of apps with priority (once you press “Priortiy” a separate config option shows up).


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Well, I have found this menu, but I’d like to have my messages coming in and calls as well - just no sound at all and no vibration. There usually is the option to press the volume down and then the phone is on silent, but somehow that doesn’t work. Or did I get the option in the menu wrong?

Your messages and calls will come in with that setting, just without sound or vibration.
It’s not like airplane mode, which closes all connections.


Ok, that’s great then. Thanks!

I’d like to extend the question a bit: When long pressing the ON/OFF button, the menu to reboot etc. appears.
It also provides the ability to influence the ring/silence mode, but slightly different.
At the bottom you can select between (from left to right):

  • ringtone off
  • vibration
  • ringtone on

So, how is this related to the selection between none (keine), priority (wichtig), and all (alle)?
It seems, we have to discuss 9 combinations in total … ;-(


The icons in the on/off menu are connected to menu appearing at the top of the screen:

  • Crossed out bell <-> ‘Priority’
  • Vibrating phone <-> ‘All’, but without sound
  • Alarm bell icon <-> ‘All’, with sound
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If you’re like me, and come here because you want visual, but no audible notification:
If you have XPosed installed (requires root) you can use the module True Silent Mode für Lollipop.
It brings back Kitkats silent mode, which is, IMHO, something completely different than this none-priority-all concept.