Trying to rollback the firmware for fp3 to recover data

Hi all
I’m hoping someone can help me on this? I’m trying to recover the data partition from a phone where the latest Android 11 update didn’t work (assuming that the battery ran out during the upgrade).
I’ve spent some time on this, I have a bootloader and am able to flash the latest update from this page ✏ FP3/FP3+ Fairphone OS updates - changelog & download links but I still get errors trying to decrypt the data partition.
So my thinking is the keys might still be locked to the previous versions of android so i’d like to try installing older roms - but none of the other links on that page work.
I wondered if someone can help me by telling me where i can find these images, or put me out of my misery and tell me they are not available/this approach is doomed to failure.
many thanks in advance

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