Trying to install /e/ on Fairphone 3+ with easy installer, stops with message ''the installation encounter an error''

Hi, Im trying to use the ‘‘easy installer’’ to install /e/ on my Fairphone 3+, the installer detects the phone fine and has gone through the first step of downloading the files. But as soon as it tries to install I just get ‘‘the installation encounter an error’’, this is supposed to be the step that tells you to put the phone in fastboot mode but it skips it and just shows me that message.

I’ve turned on developer mode and USB debugging, the bootloader is already unlocked, and I’ve already updated the drivers on windows and mydevices. What else can I do?

Welcome to the forum. It’s pretty late to get any response :slight_smile: It’s 2am here in the UK.

I haven’t tried to do /e/ but I’m sure someone will ask what instructions did you follow.

All I can do is ask if would like to check out the following posts I’ve provided links to, I’m sure someone with experience will get to you once they’ve had breakfast.

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and other such

The whole search page brings up

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Hi umbrella,

the best thing would be to provide the full log file as described in Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer - HOWTOs - /e/ community


Thanks for providing the log. The important part is

C:\Program Files\easy-installer>"C:\Program Files\easy-installer\bin\adb\fastboot" devices   2>&1  | findstr fastboot 

'findstr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.
exit value = 255

Something a little similar has been reported in the /e/ forum for a Gigaset device: Easyinstaller stops at unlocking bootloader GS290 - Easy Installer - /e/ community

That topic does not have a solution for Windows. The poster successfully used Linux to install /e/. But that may not be an option for you.

Searching the web I found

There it sounds like on some Windows installations the system variables are kind of corrupted. The suggestion I linked to is for some older version of Windows.
For windows 10 here is how to check/change the PATH variable (which seems broken on your system):

In case you just want to get the installer running, you can try this “hack”

  • in the file manager, open C:\Windows\system32\
  • search for a file called findstr.exe, right-click it and select “Copy”
  • open C:\Program Files\easy-installer\bin\adb\ in the file manager
  • right-click somewhere inside the folder and select “Paste”

And then start the installer again.


findstr.exe is an executable file located in C:\Windows\system32\ (64-bit) and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ (32-bit). If the installer is a 32-bit application, findstr.exe shall be executed from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ . It is bad practice to copy Windows system files from one location to another…

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The script (.bat) file in charge named wait-fastboot.bat could be modified as follows:

Insert the following block in line 24, right after the file description:

set winsysdir=%windir%\System32
if !%PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432%! == !AMD64! (
	set winsysdir=%windir%\SysWOW64

This might be necessary to determine the correct system path to successfully run findstr.exe by changing the line

%FASTBOOT_PATH% devices 2>&1 | findstr fastboot


%FASTBOOT_PATH% devices 2>&1 | %winsysdir%\findstr fastboot

To remove the system variable winsysdir, just insert this line before exit /b 0:

set winsysdir=

I would give that approach a try. If it helps, other .bat files provided with easy installer should be modified this quick-and-dirty way, too…

Edit: Corrected the block above to make this work on x86 32-bit only Windows systems, too…


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