True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 🎧

Volume control is now included in the Support article, too. :+1:


Fairphone should make SBC HD native. As its free and better then AptX, it doesn use that much computing power for encoding and has better quality.

Hi, earpods are working well for me so far :slight_smile: but does anyone know if I can get a replacement silicone ear cap? I can’t even find the size to buy some non-Fairphone ones.

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Welcome to the Fairphone Community :slight_smile:

If you are in urgent need, I would recommend to start a search topic in this forum’s unofficial marketplace. Specify which of the three sizes you need, my guess is that your chance will be better the smaller the cap you need :wink:

Other than that, @Martin_Anderseck already linked here in this topic to a Reddit discussion before that found the likely model that Fairphone based its TWS earbuds on. Maybe that can help your search for compatible caps. Other than that, I can only say that the discontinued Fairphone Modular Earphones’s caps do not fit, and neither do my old Sony MDR-EX15AP caps.


Great thanks, I’ll give the marketplace a go!

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Hi there,

I got the fairphone wireless earbuds for christmas and I really love them, they’re great for my day to day activity (listening to music, zoom call on my laptop)
But I have a problem that I haven’t read about in this discussion before. When I’m answering a call with the earbuds on my phone, the microphone isn’t activated unless I keep my finger on the left earbud. It’s not very practical to do so during the whole conversation, but otherwise the microphone doesn’t work : my caller says they can hear me from really far apart, the audio is very faint and difficult to understand. It clears up when I keep the finger on the left earbud, as i said before.
Myabe I should precise that my current phone is an Iphone 11 with IOS 15.0 on it. The other commands of the earbuds work perfectly, and when I keep my finger on the left earbud without calling anyone it activates Siri (so it activates the microphone).
Does any one has the same issue/ know how to make the microphone works when on a call on a iPhone ?
Thanks a million :slight_smile:


Update by Miquel Ballester with some relevant new information:

Most significantly in my eyes:

Let’s hope that’s not just the silicone parts. :wink: {@UPPERCASE recently raised doubts whether a replacement individual earbud can be RE-paired with the remaining one at all.)

Other than that, the article specifies that the battery allows for 800 charging cycles. By the way, my own experience with its battery life is excellent so far. I think I only charged the case 3-4 times so far.


After using the earbuds for some months, I don’t want to leave out that every now and then, I have experienced drop-outs., i.e. brief interruptions of the sound flow between phone and earbuds- When this happened for the first time, I first suspected that it might be caused by the phone being inside my squall jacket and that this might shield a bit. However, after experiencing it again some weeks later I’m leaning much more to thinking that the drop-outs are more related to cold weather conditions. The situations were usually when I was exposed to cold wind.


Here is my review (in Dutch, but feel free to use a translator): Tweakers - Wij stellen technologie op de proef

I think I’ll return them, the touch controls are not intuitive and don’t allow quick reactions to my environment. The controls are also not reprogramable. The buds also don’t fit as solid in my ears as my older Jabra Elite 65t. I cycled through a 5BFT wind, that may be the max you could throw at it. It was solid enough, but anything more would be a risk of losing the buds. The Jabra’s held solid in even the strongest storms I’ve cycled/walked in (9/10BFT).

I have also experienced drop outs with them. I have the feeling that it happens to me mostly stopped at traffic lights, I don’t know if it’s because I stop with other people nearby who also use bluetooth devices or other thing like the cold (I hadn’t thought about it!), but it can also be random. It’s true that sometimes it happens to me several times in the same half-hour journey, and sometimes I do the same journey for days without any drop…

If your phone is also trying to connect to any other 2.4GHz signal it may be an interruption or interference.

Wi-Fi on 2.4, I doubt a nearby microwave :slight_smile: and of course if your phone is trying to connect to specific 4G or 5G network bands in that range 2.3 to 2.5(GHz)

In the UK, for example they are bands, 7, 38 and 40

The FP4 can use all three for 4G and bands 7 and 38 for 5G

Maybe this could be an inspiration for future fairphone wireless/wired headohones. It allows to switch between cable and wireless and the part with the battery can be replaced

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Hello everyone does anyone know if it will be possible in the future to update the firmware of the headphones? It would be interesting, by now almost all headphone manufacturers offer firmware updates.

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The black version of the TWS earbuds has disappeared from the Accessories shop. I guess the colour is discontinued, perhaps related to the decreasing sales of the black FP3+ and the fact that the remaining colour options grey and green match the FP4 colours.

In contrast, the yet-to-become-available spare parts seem to still include the black option. So if anyone really wants black, compiling a set from spare parts might still become possible.

I hope they’ll sell the spare parts soon because I’ve broken my earbuds’ case (lost from my pocket when biking and found completely crushed on the road…) just one week after receiving it. It’s been two months now and still no news of the launch of the spare parts…

I’m worrying for the earbuds’ batteries, it’s never good to leave them discharged for too long…


I just got some TWS earbuds but after two days double tapping and triple tapping does not work anymore to play/pause or skip tracks.

Anyone experiencing the same thing?

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See here:


Actually, that seems to be such a major concern, argument that multiple FAQ questions tackle it now:

Q: How can I get my earbuds repaired if they break?

A: The TWS Earbuds are not consumer repairable as we have not changed the design we have licensed. Fairphone will collect earbuds for repairs covered by the 2 years manufacturing warranty. If you lose an earbud, or the case breaks or is lost, you can buy replacement spare parts from the Fairphone online shop.

In case you need help troubleshooting your issue or need a repair, please contact our Customer Support team.


Q: Why are the earbuds not repairable? Is that something you will work on next?

A: The Fairphone True Wireless Stereo earbuds are not designed by us. We have worked with an off-the-shelf design to start our adventure in this field. We increased the level of fairness in the materials and increased battery lifetime by decreasing the input rate of charging. Both are the major challenges in the TWS segment. As with Fairphone 1, these earbuds and their spare parts are the first step in a journey to increase the level of sustainability and repairability in this popular audio segment.

To already make the next step in preventing e-waste and repairability, we now offer replacements via our Fairphone online shop. For example, if you lose the silicone rubber eartips, you can buy new ones.

And they conclude with an in-depth interview on the details:

If you want to know more about the (lack of) repairability of the Fairphone TWS Earbuds, please watch our 1st episode of Ask the experts, and read the update on our blog:

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