True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 🎧

The Earbuds look great.:smile:

My question is:

In many earbuds the right-earbud is the host unit, so if you want to use a single ear-bud, you have to use the right side earbud.:disappointed:

I even have the very expensive earbuds from bang & Olufsen E8 gen.3 where this is the case.:disappointed:

It is great to be able to use one and charge the other. I use this when I go to bed, so my ear on my pillow is without a earbud(pain).

So… is it possible to use one earbud left/right as I see fit?:vulcan_salute:

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Did you happen to see this support article: FP4. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds – Support ?
According to the information there, both plugs have the ability to control the phone.


It doesn’t really answer the question?

Ok, i thought it did, when you can use either of the buds to control your phone, and not only the right one.
But if that’s not sufficient, we have to wait, until they are released and someone can report about his real life experience.


It doesn’t matter much how they look; what matters if how they sound, and how good ANC is.

I already got in-ear and over-ear wireless headphones with very good ANC so I am not going to buy these.

The gold standard is, in my opinion, the 1000MX3 or MX4 series. These have very good ANC, both for noise cancelling and for ambient sound. Except when its windy. Which it almost always is in Holland and large parts of NL. It can be mitigated with a wind option, but that only works with noise cancelling mode and not with ambient sound. And, while bicycling, you want ambient sound for safety reasons. They’re also rather pricy (WF1000XM4 280 EUR, predecessor WF1000XM3 is only 130 EUR but also less good ANC). Yet another disadvantage is that they want you to use their proprietary app Sony Headphones.

In short, room for improvement for a competitor.


From the support article:

Take one or both earbuds out to pause the audio.

Sounds like you can’t use only a single earbud without pausing the audio. Does this answer your question, @ModularKing ?

By the way: There is no information about microphones. Can you use these earbuds as headset (for phoning), or only to listen to music?


I actually wished this would be clarified more explicitly somewhere, but I am sure they work as an headset as well as this wouldn’t make much sense otherwise:

One tap on either of the earbuds will answer an incoming call


I wanted for some weeks to buy wireless earbuds because of some tactile hypersensitivity that makes cables annoying for me every time they touch my skin. So now I want a review of these to make my choice :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope reviews will answer all our questions. I really need to know how audio quality is for listening and how it handle calls. Especially concerning surrounding noise cancellation for the people to which I speak during calls, as the Fairphone modular headphones that I currently own are absolutely horrible on that matter. Nevertheless, I am not expecting fairphone’s wireless earbuds to be perfect, I will be glad if it does it just okay.


I’m confuse about the True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. Is it in line with the strategy from Fairphone. Fair for workers and materials is in right, but I won’t be able to change battery, to extend the life time of the earbuds in the future?


We don’t know at the moment, I guess we have to wait for the first hands on video.

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Let’s hope iFixit gets a pair to dissect them!


We also need hands-on reviews regarding the ANC. The quality of that feature differs greatly per headset.


Humbly, I think we have to stop thinking in absolutes about what they are doing. Fairphone is about steps. FP1 was not modular and had a lot of problems. They are not a big company so they can’t do everything. They have to make choices and compromising to not fail and go bankrupt.

A lot of what they do is about doing compromises. For exemple they choose a medium screen size to be able to have stocks enough time. I think the same about earbuds. There is earbuds on the market, how can we improve what they do? Reduce charge cycles speeds and make them fairer. Next time we will try to make them more fixable.

It’s not obvious and I agree that theses products are not perfect for everyone, so I just think that thinking about them having to make compromises is the easiest way to understand the decision making here and there.


I think FP should provide single earbuds as well as the case in the accessory shop.

Also, do we know anything about modularity of the earbuds/case? I can imagine that a replaceable battery is very difficult to achieve for the earbuds themselves, but it surely would be doable for the case.


I don’t think it would be. I’ve seen other earbuds that have been taken apart to replace and I’m sure that can be accomplished without too much effort.


Overall I’m very disappointed in FP for this generation. They removed the headphone jack, a SIM card slot, the earbuds are not modular, etc. I would’ve expected a lot more from them.


The modularity of the modular earbuds was the cable. So this is the next step, no cable at all :wink:.


Ha! I’m not sure if I should like your last post :rofl:

I’m going for a chip in the brain that runs on metabolised fuel from a banana as the next option.

OH! and there are no more cables for the modular one either, that was real windup.

Apparently there have been for a while, it was a temp issue ??

Hi all!
Is there anyone who received the erabuds already and can answer those Questions? :slight_smile:

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I ordered the Earbuds for my boyfriend. Upon received, I will test/review them on my boyfriend usage and my usage and I will be available to answer some questions