True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 🎧

Pair yes, but not actually use/connect (active) simultaneously.


Thanks for the review! So its nice to know, that you can use just one earbud, but is it possible to put one earbud in the “loadingstation” and use only the other one? And if so, will the used earbud restart after you put one back or does it work seamless?

Mine just arrived. Great stuff :innocent:
To the last question. Yes you can continue listening whilst the other is loading. The moment you take it out of your ear, the remaining one stops playing. By pressing play it will continue to play even if the other is in the case.
now about putting the it back in.
It does work seamless if you manage to put it back in your ears without touching the the surface that is supposed to respond to your finger. A complete restart is not happening even if you touch it. It just stops playing the Musik as it should when touched…
hope I was able to answer your questions.


And what are the sound characteristics? Clear? Muffled? Bass accentuated?

I received my boyfriend ones. He will test them as a casual tech user the next week and I will share what he tolds me.

I tested them for ~25 minutes too.

So @juri.gagarin.ii I think I can help. Any audiophile-related analysis is subjective. However :

To begin, bass are here, and they have a strong presence. How you will like it depends of your preferences, but I love it. That’s something I dig.

Concerning how it handle different sections of the audio spectrum:

  • Massive bass can wronlgly mix together and lose detail a little more easily in metal genres, I feel (Tested with Children of the Dark of Mono Inc where this was more the case. On Music and Shoemaker of Nightwish it as more acceptable, but that is a less bass imposing metal band).
  • Medium-basses are well present and I feel that they are not lost in the rest of the spectrum like I feel they do in the previous fairphone headphones. With some jazz, wich relies more on mediums, sound can be too bassboosted for a « natural » feel, but the way you will react about that depend highly of your preferences (Tested with Blue World from John Coltrane).
  • Medium-high can feel a little scathing for me, but I think that is something you can be used to (Tested with Finale from Tron Legacy soundtrack).

Concerning how the sound is “clear”:

  • Sounds and instruments are really more balanced and discernible than on previous headphones or many previous audio material that I had. This is not Sennheiser but it’s a thing that I really appreciate.
  • On few musics, different areas of the spectrum are clearly discernible and it’s really pleasant!

On a general note, concerning audiophile feelings, from my point of view this is without a doubt clearly better than on the previous fairphone headphones. Moreover, in conclusion, because I wrote a lot of details about my feelings, what is really clearly important here is that I really enjoyed my time using those little things. Despite the fact that I can be a nitpicking person sometimes. But I never put more than 40€ in headphones or listening device before. So I am clearly not an expert for a 100€ device.

If someone want to critic/nuance/improve on what I’ve said with their personal experience of the FP earbuds, I’m really open to it. There is only subjectivity in my feeling and I’m clearly not an expert on spectrum analysis, I just like to check how the sound feel on different genres and that is an important aspect for me. But when bass are strong, I can be biased as it is something I really like.

Hoping this helps


I am also quite delighted with the sound (music playback). I slightly disagree with you and @GreenAndFair though when it comes to basses. To me they sound just right and not particularly emphasized. From my experience and from what I have read in the past, in-earphones actually always run the risk of losing/missing bass if the silicone “seal” in your ear isn’t good enough. In other words: in-ears should usually tend to sound tinny rather than bass-y. Although I’m using the biggest silicone parts with the Fairphone TWS, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve hammered them into my ear channels to the max, and yet the basses are there. :slight_smile:

All in all, I find the sound pleasantly balanced, and I agree with you on how they sound significantly better than Fairphone’s discontinued wired Modular Earphones which suffered from … let me call it droning. Details were getting drained a bit in too much lower register walls.

I have only taken two phone calls with them so far, and this is where they didn’t sound that great. A bit of a radio communication sound that I didn’t have with the same caller when previously using Fairphone’s modular earphones.

Sorry, I am also not an expert, so my terminology might not be up to the highest standards. :wink:

Grateful for your takes @GreenAndFair and @TrueCherry :slight_smile:


Thank you both @TrueCherry and @urs_lesse for your assessment. I have quite diverse taste in music: punk (mids important), hip hop, jazz and electronic music. So I also like bass, but it should not be too fat.
Let’s see what I make of it :wink:

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Just to note that frequency db drops off as a person ages and there is a significant gender difference.

So one person’s assessment is weighted by age and gender.


A teenager may well hear 20K and they are used to that, at near 74 I doubt I can hear 10K and no doubt as it’s a gradual change I am used to that.
More and more I like bass, it was never so important when I was younger.

Still I rarely use earphones as they seem increasingly uncomfortable.

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In principle, you are of course right, but: if person A says: “the basses are not separated properly and sound dull”, then I can at least deduce that the headphones do not separate basses well and are perhaps not so well suited for bass-heavy music. Then I don’t need to know whether person A actually likes a lot or a little bass and what the hearing curve of person A is like.
If someone would tell me on the other hand: " sounds good, just buy", I would be skeptical of course :wink:

But in any case, thanks for the links!


I received the earbuds a week ago. So I had some time to test them. I came across a couple of issues and I was wondering if other users share this or whether I got a faulty pair.

  • On low volumes there’s quite noticeable white noise (in all 3 modes).
  • When taking the earplugs out, they stop playing for a couple of seconds but then resume playing again. The only way to stop them is by putting them back in the box.
  • When plugging in the left earplug, I often trigger the voice control or accidentally turn the volume completely off.
  • The smallest sleeve is almost the same size as the cylinder its covering. And thus doesn’t provide much cushioning.

I’m very pleased with the sound on medium to high volumes. But the overall experience feels quite “buggy”.


This is actually how they are designed (at the bottom, “Good to know” paragraph):


Hi, does someone know if i’ll be able to use these earbuds to send voice messages on Whatsapp using a fairphone 4 ? i haven’t got either of these devices yet but considering both

and sorry if this has been mentioned already - i’m not very technical so don’t always follow what people have been saying here (although i’m v grateful!)
thanks in advance

Almost unnoticed (by me), iFixit also posted a text & photo teardown of the Fairphone TWS earbuds on tuesday.

Major spoller

They actuallly do score 1/10 (one point out of ten) for repairability. :frowning:


So I’m happy, that I cancelled my order. That’s not Fairphone like :frowning_face:.

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Well, recently I stumbled upon some discussion about the TWS on Reddit:

Now it is at least clear to me that the development effort was probably not too big, however I still don’t understand the concept behind this. Is this just to have an excuse for the missing headphone jack? Would be interesting to see if the “original” headphones are just as friendly to their batteries as the Fairphone ones claim to be or if this - next to probably other materials - is a differentiator.


Well, I think they just needed something (dont give a sh*t what) to compensate for the lack of a headphone jack.

Then I continue to use my many years old headphones or buy samsung earbuds. :rofl: I never thought it would be like this again, but Samsung is better there.


Even looking at the Samsung buds I’m not sure if I could repair it without too much concern and imagine 99% of users of the Samsung earbuds would bother even considering it.

So at least for 99% of users they can buy Fairtrade buds from Fairphone, which in the long run is a wider ethical choice.

Still I’ll be sticking to wired earphones, and over the ear where possible.

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I haven’t seen a reply to the question @aidan asked, but this is the go/no-go one for me as well:
Can some share their experience from using them as “microphone devices”, i.e.

  • to take a call? @urs_lesse made a statement about “radio communication sound” in this post . Have others who are using them more frequently to make calls observed that as well?
  • to make a voice recording (when no call is active, as in a voice message)?
  • to use them as a Bluetooth headset for a video conference connected to a PC?

Any insights greatly appreciated!

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Hi! I received mine yesterday. When I placed the order I had not yet seen the (really bad) iFixit repairability score, nor the Reddit discussion showing that they are probably a customization of a generic $33 earphone… in any case, they are now mine, and I hope they will be useful to me for a long time :sweat_smile:.

Replying to your doubts:

  • I have not been able to send voice messages through the microphone of the “True Wireless Stereo Earbuds” on WhatsApp or Telegram (the recording was done, but the sound was captured via the microphone of my Fairphone 3 and not from the earbuds mic)
  • I have tried a couple of normal calls with a friend: the microphone used here is the one in the earbuds and not the one in the smartphone itself. According to my friend, it sounded nice and clear, but with a kind of noise filter, and echo when changing rooms. I guess it is normal for this kind of earphone microphone sound to be worse than the phone itself, since they are quite far from the audio source, the mouth. By the way, no problem answering or hanging up directly from the airbuds, not touching the phone at all.

  • I have not been able to get my note recording app (Audio Recorder on Fairphone 3, from F-Droid) to use the airbuds microphone instead of the Fairphone 3’s own microphone.

  • On my Windows 10 computer I could choose, through the audio settings configuration menu, to use the microphone of the Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds… so I guess you would have no problem using it in a video conference: I used it to send voice notes via WhatsApp web or to record directly in a dedicated app. In fact, I recorded an audio sample which I attach so you can see how it, the microphone of the True Wireless Steareo Earbuds sounds (sorry for my English! Haha). According to my friend, this is the same sound that he listeded in the phone call.

There might be a way to use them as a microphone in Android, but I haven’t found it at first. If you have any other questions maybe I can test them :blush:.

My opinion:

They sound fine to me. I’ll use them mainly for listening to music, and with the tests I’ve done at home I like the way they sound. I am not an expert, but I have had very cheap headphones with a lousy sound, and I like this one: for my taste they are balanced, it is a clear sound and the bass is present without being annoying. I find them very comfortable as well. I was afraid they would fall out of my ear, as I wear wired ones that always fall out, but these seem much more stable and comfortable for now.

I still need to try them on the street to see how the noise cancellation works and how good it is, since that’s what interests me most: being able to listen to music on the street without having to adjust the volume too high. They are my first wifi earphones and also my first ones with active noise cancellation, so let’s see how they do for me.

Hope it helps. Greetings! :slight_smile:


I can confirm @Mixigodo post concerning mic quality. I tried them on discord by calling my boyfriend: the sound file attached above is what I heard.
This week I tried to have a vocal group chat with people on discord with it and they said that the sound was horrible. I should try again.

It seems that they are okay for phone calls but not especially good (at least) when the quality could be better than what is needed for a phone call.