Troubles with customer support on stuck pixel

I got my Fairphone 4 end of January this year. Two weeks later I contacted customer support about a stuck pixel (I have a permanently blue pixel that is unfortunately very visible with images displayed and that has a “halo” around it with grey background). The customer support was very helpful and friendly and told me to return it for repair. I sent the phone to their repair service but it was sent back without any changes. This was mid of June (there were some troubles with delivery). Since then, I did not get any response from the customer support any more and calling did not help because they were always referring me back to the initially contacted person.
At this point, I’m exhausted and disappointed that there is no clear response from the customer service. Especially, because I recommended that phone a lot and still would. Any advice?
Thank you!

Hi and welcome. what was the reason given to refer to the other person? I would actually call again and make clear I expect a solution till end of next week or so. Moving away from being understandingly to phrasing what you expect should happen. Not good that this is needed and probably the only way.

What is your ticket number?

Hi Yvonne,
Thank you for your reply! The reason was that the person would know the issue best. I agree with you, I should call again. My ticket number is 497565.

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Quite a lame excuse, as everything would normally be documented in their system. Fingers crossed this will be solved soon.

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