Trebuchet crashes on FP3 /e/ with new launcher


I just bought a refurbished fp3, and installed /e/. Works fine but:

I would like to use another launcher, since the /e/ launcher Bliss does not support the use of widgets (or perhaps I’m just blind and can’t find it?)
With any other launcher I tried (nova; simple launcher etc) the ‘recent apps button’ does not work, I only get the message that “trebuchet” was closed repeatedly, and no recent apps are shown. This happens as long as any other launcher is installed. It works fine again when only Bliss ist installed.

Any ideas of what is wrong here?

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I´m using a FP3 with /e/, too and have no problems to switch between Bliss and Kiss launcher.

If you only need one page of widgets, then you could try KISS

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Thanks for the hint, but I can’t find a way to place widget on the KISS screen. I can place icon on the home screen, but that is not what I’d call a widget. And as soon as I press the recent apps button, I get the same trebuchet crash…

Looks like I’ve found the answer. I had to make the switch permanent; and afterwards clear the cache and data of the Bliss Launcher and trebuchet (it is a system app). After a restart my new launcher works fine, and there seem to be no more trebuchet crashes:


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