🇮🇹 🇬🇧 Trasferire foto dal Fairphone al computer/ transfer pictures from FP2 to pc

Buongiorno a tutti,

ho il Fairphone 2 da vari anni e ho sempre trasferito via cavetto tramite la porta usb le foto, i documenti scaricati, ecc, ecc al computer.
Da qualche tempo in questo modo non funziona più perché al computer i contenuti dlele cartelle non si vedono.

CAN ANYONE HELP with this topic? The problem was approached before, but I didn’t find a solution…

Quello che succede ora è che, toccando la barra al collegamento col cavo- quella con la testa di Android con le antennine, che appare se si scorre le dita sullo schermo dopo che si è collegato il cavo - appaiono sempre le 4 opzioni ma poi nessuna fa vedere al computer i contenuti delle cartelle.

Trasferimento di file
Trasferimento di foto PTP

Con la seconda e la terza si potevano scaricare le foto e il resto… Nel computer appariva il telefono tra i dispositivi portatili, e le varie cartelle hanno sempre mostrato i contenuti.

Da qualche mese invece ci sono i seguenti problemi:

il più grave: le cartelle DCIM oppure “pictures” al computer appaiono vuote mentre nella memoria interna del computer ci sono.
Al computer si può vedere il peso della cartella ma non il suo contenuto.

Ci sono state qui nel forum già tre richieste d’intervento ma in nessuna si è mai saputo se la soluzione sia poi stata trovata. Alla chiusura di quei forum nessuno aveva risolto il problema…

se avete qualche idea…

Si vous avez déjà rèsolu le problème de pouvoir transféréer les photos ou autre document téléchargé sur le FP2 sur ordinateur, dites comment on va faire… Merci,


Dear community,
days ago I sent a call for help because I have pictures stuck in the phone which “are not able” to go to the computer. I asked in Italian, I ask you, again, in English.
I’m sorry that this post is quite long.

I purchased a new USB cable and I tried again: I was able to trasfer pictures I shot with the phone’s camera to the pc, but I was not able to transfer screeshots, and I was not able to trasfer to the pc pictures downloaded in the phone.

The pc doesn’t show the screenshots but tells how much weights the "Screenshot-folder (it says how heavy/full is this folder).

Another strange thing is that pictures, which were already be transferred to my pc, reappear in the phone.
For example: in May I transferred some dowloaded pictures to the pc. These downloaded images are saved in my pc, but now I see them in the phone!

If I try to cancel them, it says it’s impossible, because they are not longer there.

Than, as I didn’t receive any answer to my question, two days ago I have activated the option “backup with Clowd”, because I had read in past comments of people with a similar problem, that one solution could be the one of transferring everyting in the cloud and than to save the pictures one by one in the computer.

Probably the mess which came afterward was because I’m not an expert user, but the result was that the pictures via that Google-pictures-cloud come to my pc in a miserable quality. I mean: a screenshots and downloaded picture, they are in a very low quality.

Luckily I activated this backup only for 20 minutes so a lot of pictures had not be “taken” in this external place.

To summarize:
****for me it’s vital to be able to move pictures " manually", with a cable and not via “air”, because I dont’ trust virtual storages, and I don’t know the options these storages have to function well.

Very simply: I would like to be able - like in the past - to easily transfer data from the FP2 to the PC via usb cable.
And at the same time, I’d like to have my phone “clean” from time to time, I mean, if I throw away a picture I don’t want to see it again as a revenant:ghost:. (I know that for a hacker would be easy to find all my data again in a memory stored somewhere in my phone, but my at least at the surface, this picture shouldn’t show up).

Is it still possible to work with the USB-cables, do you know it or, as I read is Android having conflicts with usb-doors?

Thank you in advance,

For screenshots: make sure you’re using MTP or ‘Transfer Files’ and not PTP or ‘Transfer Photos’.
If you’re using a Mac, you’ll need android file transfer.

Pictures being visible when they are gone, or not being visible when they are there sounds like a problem with the database on the phone that tells the computer which files it has available. You can force a rebuild of the database by going to ‘Settings > Apps > Media Storage > Storage > Clear Data’ and then rebooting (this process will look something like this). Building the database again will take time (depending on how many files you have), so some files will take time to become visible again.

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