Trapped in fastboot mode with locked bootloader and corrupted custom ROM

They simply don’t admit that it is a bug, as you can read here.

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Because they either don’t care, don’t know how to fix it or are unwilling to admit the fault exists at all since that would open them up to lawsuits.

This is a launch bug, so it’s been around for almost 2 years. If they wanted to fix this, they would have done so by now.

Hello @all !
It looks like i have to dig out my retired FP2 since my FP4 is biten by this. I do not remember locking my boot loader, but i guess it was still locked. It fails to boot to recovery or anything useful and no changes can be made to it. Any attempts to flash anything result in
FAILED (remote: 'Flashing Unlock is not allowed

Installed ROM is iodé 4.x which ran and updated fine for several months now
The point of failure was yesterday’s attempt to install Magisk via a modified ramdisk.

The most important lines from fastboot getvar all seem to be
As far as i read here, i’ll have to send it in. I only write this reply in order to be counted or noted somewhere.

When your FP4 is rooted, your bootloader cant be locked…

It failed to be rooted, resulting in this. I guess it failed because of the lock.

I think you’re unfortunately right. AFAIK in case the bootloader is locked then the boot integrity is checked - and it probably failed as you’d tempered with that.
I just wonder how you could change the boot image while the bootloader was locked… :thinking:

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I have indeed been tampering with lots of things, but the last bigger operations have been a few months back. I might have disabled OEM unlocking after one of them. It booted fine ever since, until yesterday.

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