Translucent FP2 case


I want to buy a translucent case for my FP2. Do you know if it will be available in the FP website in the future? Anyone is selling one? Are there other websites where I can buy it?

Thank you


Fairphone lists some online retailers that offer Fairphone and accessoires on their website.
Take a look here:

Can’t promise though that you will be lucky in terms of getting a translucent case, but taking a look doesn’t hurt.
You could also open up a search request in the “Buy/Sell” category of the forum.

Anyways, I think that Fairphone is deliberately making the old case obsolete for various reasons, e.g. some problems with the quality of it. There have been a load of issues with the rubber getting loose from the hard plastic and so on. I still use the old case myself, but I’m going to switch to either a slim case OR a custom 3D printed case in the near future.


Thank you so much for the information

I still have a spare translution case. Anyone interessted?

I’am interested!!
I loved my translucent FB 2 case which just got broken (and I don’t like the colours of the new cases…)
You still have it?

Please get in contact via PM.