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Can we add translate button to our forum simillar to Instagram, or Facebook chats (I guss this is the only thing they did well :slight_smile:

It would help me exchange information with people who do not speak my language and turn this forum into a tru multilingual community instead of a community bubbles split between different language groups

We seem to get by somehow … Search results for 'deepl' - Fairphone Community Forum

I agree a button would be convenient, though, but it needs a really good translation service (preferrably) doing the work … what are the options and what are the costs?

I don’t share this impression of this place at all.
But of course perception will be subjective.


I actually prefer the different language groups.
Sometimes problems are linked to a country.
And switching from one language to another in one topic would make it hard for me to read and understand whats being said.

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Isn’t this rather how it is now when you have to manage any desired translation yourself on the side? A translate button on every post would make the reading of different languages almost seamless, or not?

I mainly have quality of service and licensing cost concerns.

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I agree 100%, google Translate currently translate perfectly 99% of the time, those algorithms are working very well, I often test them when switching between English and my native tongue.

I am sure there are services simillar to google translate cheep or free of charge but I guess somebody from Fairphone must participate in this conversation to assess the costs. We have no accesss to information needed to assess it.

I have used this communication method across number of multilingual services/games etc. It cannot be that expensive if everyone is using it, just a simple “translate to my set language” button below each post makes it seemless multilingual chat, and the best part is that each post is still in the original language. Japanese, Chinese, German, French etc … if you are multilingual you only “click” on post you do not understand

Well now I participate most times only in topics I understand the language, and just ignore those I dont understand.

I dont think I would be a fan to allow multilingual topics as I also feel I will then have to translate nearly all topics, because the language is always mixed…Cant imagine that would be seemless and well Google Translator at least in the past was the worst I have ever seen…

And I dont really see split community bubbles, as most is already in EN and the few (mostly DE and French) kept in local language dont harm or exclude anyone from important information in my eyes…

@Dawid_Lukasz do you have an example of a Discouse based Forum having such you can share?

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Before translation, see blue circle:

After translation, see blue circle:

Thats not Discourse, or? and it seems this would require a translation of each seperate comment?

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It honestly does not matter where it is from, this function is just a common sense it exists in hundreds of various services, not having it is like deciding that electricity is not needed.

It makes, multilingual exchange very easy. Your prefered language is automatically set to your browser preferences ( it can be changed if needed), next to each comment in the chat there is a translation button. If you do not understand the language you press the button and this particular comment is translated.

In my personal opinion it is a must have, not everyone speaks English, German etc. and with this option our forum would be available to everyone on the planet.

I think it is very easy to make but I am backend software engineer maybe integration with frontend is difficult (although I doubt it).

In my opinion making our forum accessible to the entire planet is a good argument to do it :slight_smile: but it is only my opinion, first cost analysis needs to be done by fairphone team

Discourse even has a plugin, but of course the well-known translation services want to be paid, and I don’t know how feasible LibreTranslate is.
Here’s a topic (with links to other topics as well) …


Currently we have only English or German or Dutch discussions… discussing the same topics. For example this topic is available only to English speakers. If translation button was introduced we could have here opinions and comments in German, English, Japanese, Polish each with unique perspective in a single conversation flow.

I used it millions of times it is not difficult it is not time consuming (it is used in gaming environment and time is everything there) to be honest there is no usibility difference between current set-up and what I am suggesting the only difference is that we would not exclude anyone and we will be able to gain more inside from more users

Thank you for this link

Translation services exist, and as pointed out already they are actively being used here in the forum. You and everyone on the planet are free to use them, too.

Feel free to exaggerate, but this will only harm your cause. What’s missing is a bit of convenience, but it’s not the end of the world.

Wrong assumption.
I refrained from asking initially, but how much time did you spend here before joining with an account hours ago? Perhaps just get to know the place a little longer :wink: .


Disagree here, as you share a chat with very minimal text while our forum is not chat like conversation and I guess the more complex the text is the more difficult to find appropriate translation tools.

So I would like to see a Discouse based Fourm that has integrated such a feature, and if it requires to translate single responses I def vote against it.

Well it is already!


Thanks for the interesting discussion.
Now when I see the thread in the language I don’t understand I translate the whole page for me using Google translate. In most cases it is sufficient to get the gist but there are instances where it loses it. Sometimes I double check with DeepL, the quality is higher but on free version there are some limitations.

Still some of the discussions are pretty technical, and a mistake in translation could effectively lead to bricking your phone, not sure if I would like to risk that.

Finally it has been mentioned that this forum is monitored and the email addresses from some locations are blocked, especially from where FP is not available. The website and manuals are only available in some languages, so I am not sure we need more languages in the support forum.

We have local groups and local angels with whom you may communicate in the local language asking for some specific information,I think it works quite well:)

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