Transferring photos with USB cable

Transferring photos with USB cable complicated When I connect my old Samsung with USB cable, it asks if I want to allow that.
When I connect the Fairphone 5 with USB cable, I see a folder FairPhone5 in Windows Explorer that is empty. How do I get access to the SD card?

Hello and welcome.
I don’t use the SD card but usually when I connect the phone to the computer and unblock the phone and swipe down (as if checking the notifications) there is an option to choose transfer of the files.
Then my FP5 files show on my desktop PC.

Good luck


Thanks for your help I works now because of your help I was searching an found in setting option File Transfer This option was not checked on .perhaps also the reason
it could not find de SD card Later I will put the SDcard in my Phone and wil find if the SDcars is visible on the desktop.
Hans van Oostende
Thanks again

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