Transferring photos to laptop

I had fantastic support and success in how to transfer photos from my FP4 to my LT (go to the charging icon and select file transfer - thanks for that guidance :wink:).

Now, I took photos for something I want to sell on eBay, but when I looked at the photos, they are pixelated and can see that many other previous photos are pixelated (using only 3kB. This is strange because they are perfect photos when viewed on my phone and transferred via Whatsapp. What’s the problem?

So they are pixelated on the Laptop or after uploaded to ebay?

Edit: end are those all coming initially from Whats App?

This sounds to me like you only did copy some thumbnails instead of the real pictures.

Just an idea:
Whatever app you are using (picture gallery, messenger, photo app, … ), it could be it will create some small preview pictures for a fast gallery view mode for it’s own use.
So, maybe you picked the wrong folder on your smartphone for the transfer to your laptop?

Here is another idea, which you can try (if your computer has bluetooth):

  1. Find your computers bluetooth settings and activate device search mode.
  2. Open your picture gallery on your smartphone and long press on the picture(s) or open the picture, which you want to transfer, first.
  3. Then click on this symbol or “share” or something similar:
  4. Choose bluetooth
  5. In case bluetooth is not activated yet, you will be asked for it.
  6. Search for your computers name and accept all popup questions on your smartphone and your computer.

But be aware:
This transfer is extremely slow (3-6 minutes per picture maybe) and you need to keep the phone close to your computer.

Try the KDEConnect app. It allows seamless transfer of files via wifi. That is much faster than bluetooth.

What OS is the laptop running?

For linux/KDE I really like KDE Connect.

KDE Connect runs well on Windows, too. Not sure about Mac.

I do think were are going off topic.

If thumbnails were transferred the question in my eyes it not really about other tranferring methods and rather about, what is the correct folder to be used when connected with the PC.

@RothburyLady maybe take a picture of the Laptop Screen to identify which folder do you use while transferring.

Goodness me, that’s such a lot of help and I do apologise for using the wrong forum. Perhaps an administrator could transfer this to the correct place for others to benefit?

I am using Windows 10 ver. 22H2. When I transferred the pics from the only folder that was storing my photos.
I’ve installed Nearby share, my LT paired with my phone, my phone paired with my PC but I cannot share files. I’ll try that other app, thanks. When I get back to the folders screen, I’ll share a screenshot (cannot for the life of me find that screen! Sorry for being a luddite).
More to come later…
THANKS for all the help so far.

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nothing wrong with your post, I just had the feeling the discussion went away from your issue, so all fine :wink:

Dear FP Angels, Now that I can access all my photos by transferring to my LT, I have another problem which I must know the answer to but am at a loss!
When I view my photos on my LT, I cannot for the life of me work out how to download/save them to my hard drive. What am I doing wrong?
Also, I cannot connect with Bluetooth even though both devices find each other.

I take an USB cable and connect my Fairphone to the LT. Then I switch USB Connection on the Fairphone to Data transfer. Now I can find the Fairphone and the SD-Card as USB drive on my PC an can open my DICM-Folder to copy the pictures direktly.
I think Whatapp is doing something with the pics, for example rescaling and resizing images.


Also on windows 10. If you have a SD card in your phone. You can always insert the SD card into an SD reader. just note that the files have to be on the SD card. you can still move the photos to the SD ahead of time. just giving you another option of tranfering the files, thats how I did it with my photos anyway. hope this also helps you.

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Another way to transfer files (photos are files too) to your computer/cloud/harddrive/network or whatever can be connected by lan or wlan. I use the app “total commander” on the fp4 which can connect to other computers via ftp, smb, webdav etc. and so it is possible to transfer each file from or to another computer (the FP4 is just a little computer).
And this works with computer running windows, linux or macos.

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Thank you for all the replies! I can confirm that I do use a usb cable and the file transfer option. My problem starts on my HP laptop interface that just isn’t flexible to allow me to save the images I select (I use Libre Office). I don’t have a sd card in my phone - is that something that helps secure photos and how do I know I’m saving photos to the card and not google?
Tomsche recommends using “total commander” which I have not heard of. I might give that a go.
I really appreciate the ideas, thank you all :wink:

Why is this,so whats the Problem or is this by purpose? Normally using a cable should be the easiest way

Libre office can support a converted file. I have had that issue before. If you have a program that can convert the file to jpeg. That format is widely used in office programs. I can’t confirm that for Libre office even though I use Linux on a daily basis. I haven’t needed to to do a document for years. I mostly use office or pages programs for that purpose. A photo editor should do the job you need for that.

Despite all the tips and help I had, I’m still unable to figure this out. This is the error I get (attachment).
error caption
Could a video help showing step by step using a usb cable to transfer files?

Judging by this list of error codes on the Microsofts website (which I hope applies here) that error means Invalid ObjectHandle:

Indicates that an object handle does not refer to an actual object that is present on the device. The application should enumerate the storages again.

Which sounds to me like your phone and PC are in disagreement over the contents of your phone.
Now my first instinct would be a faulty USB-cable / -port. If the connection is interrupted your PC might still show the files but they can become unreachable or change their “address”.
Have you tried different cables or USB-ports? :thinking:

The problem could also be on the phone side. If the phone, for some reason, presents a list of files to the PC that doesn’t represent the current files actually there, that might also produce that kind of error.

Is it always the same file? Does it happen immediately or do some files get copied before it fails?
Any difference when copying a single file or a complete folder?

I get that reply all the time. Backing up my raid files. It’s a simple solution to wait till the phone in this case responds, or simply detach and reattach the cable to the PC. If those two options don’t work. Try transfer to an SD card and putting it into an SD Card reader. If this doesn’t work. It’s most likely corrupt and need a program with recovery tools. I would recommend minitool partition wizard for PC. They alow to repair a couple files for free. Not a whole drive. So this should solve the issue. Sometimes bits of file can’t be found due to faulty transfer can cause this error to also appear. Just some options to try out on your end.