Transferring Data To New Phone

I have finally consigned my FP2 to the dustbin of history and replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy S10. All my google account info transferred over nicely, but when I try transferring the rest of my data via the Samsung Smart Switch app (which I had to install in a roundabout way…) the app either crashes on my FP2, or disconnects from the S10 when I try to select data to transfer. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get Smart Switch to behave with the FP2, or an alternative method of transferring messages, app accounts etc?

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As it’s a Samsung app not working well you might consider to ask your question in a Samsung forum…

I can recommend using the app oandbackup, available from F-Droid, to backup apps and data and then transfer it to your new phone. Things that are stored not in system memory but the internal storage, such as WhatsApp messages, photos and the like are best transferred by copying them to your PC and then transferring them to the new phone.

Which is probably not as practical and quick as the app you mentioned, but it does work. If you really do want that app to work on your FP2, I agree with Volker, it’s probably best to contact Samsung support or Samsung users on a forum.

Oh and if you want to, please consider donating your old FP2 to the Fairphone Angels so they can use the parts to repair broken FP2s!

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