Transferring data from Huawei smartphone to FP4


Got a new FP4 today and I’m wanting to transition my files (photos, memos/notes, downloads (ebooks)) from my old phone, a huawei honor 10.
What’s the easiest way of doing this? I’m struggling a bit with what’ll work. Had a look at google drive and cloud storage options but finding them temperamental and the arbritrary storage limits on them mean it’s not really workable for me.
Huawei has a useful phone clone app, but not so usefully, it only works if you’re transitioning TO a huawei device, not from a huawei device.
I’d like to avoid third party apps if I possibly can, and besides a few third party apps I have looked at don’t specify or mention transferring my notes app data which isn’t ideal.

Just looking for some advice on what the best way to go about it would be. Not the most technologically literate so would love a simple clear way of doing it although not holding out hope.
Can use my laptop to transfer files but not really sure how this would work in practice?
Any advice is welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:

You can connect both phones as a storage device to your laptop.
Photos and Downloads can then be copied via laptop.
Notes and memos depends on the app if it is possible that way.

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