Transferring apps from PC to FP via USB-connection doesn't work

Hi all,

I would like to download apps on my computer (PC) an then move them to my Fairphone via USB cable, but that doesn’t seem to work. When I choose MTP I can only move music, photos and videos. I tried dragging apps on to my phone via MTP but I can’t find them again afterwards. The “USB” option doesn’t work at all. So what othere options are there? Has anyone tried a different way? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can sideload an app. Here is how to:

I have only used the command line, but I haven’t tried Airdroid.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick answer and the link! The thing is, I don’t want to use the playstore so this sideload app “Airdroid” is likely not available for me. When I follow the explanations for transferring apps manually, unfortunately I come to the same result that I’ve experienced already. I can’t find the app on my Fairphone afterwards…

sorry, I didn’t realize that Airdroid is an app for your phone, I thought it was a desktop application.

As for the other method: Did you manage to download adb?

Here is a little tutorial, I posted in another thread:

On the other hand: Why not send the apk to your phone via mail or bluetooth?

MTP would usually transfer any file, even apk to your phone.
Assuming you’re on Windows the phone should show up as fp1 below your hard drive partitions on the “computer” page in win explorer.
Did you just drag your file onto the icon or did you browse your phone’s internal storage and pick a location you could find again in your file explorer on the phone?
Android has something called a media scanner which will detect media files like photos, videos etc. No matter where they are.
But you have to know where you put your apk on order to install it from your file manager.

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MyPhoneExplorer ca be your helpful tool. /
First you download and install the desktop program, after connecting the Fairphone with the USB cable it tries itself to install the APK (you have to confirm that on the phone).
After you can directly transfer files from / to the phone and install apps with this program.

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I’ve used a USB cable and upload files to a location, that worked. I’ve also used bluetooth to transfer files from Windows to FP. You need to know where the files are located after reception of course. I use ES Explorer on the FP.

thanks for your advice folks. I’ll try the different methods :slight_smile:

@Xaedil and @jerry1970: I have tried again dragging apk files to my phone’s storage via USB/ MTP. Without browsing through any folders I have placed them onto my FP symbol. I could even retrieve them on my Fairphone phone in that location: settings > storage > “other” (in German “sonstige”). That doesn’t seem to be the right place to me, still can’t install them from that folder… Where did you place your apk files to install them afterwards?

Switching to mother tongue :smiley:
Öffne die app Dateimanager, wähle interner Speicher, Suche deine apk.
Tippe darauf.