Transfering pictures from FP2 to Mac with Android File Transfer


I’m trying to use Android File Transfer to copy pictures from the FP2 to a Mac.

I read the pictures where supposed to be stored in the DCIM folder, but I can’t find them. Any tip to find where they are stored ?

Also, anyone found a more intuitive solution than this one ?
(Except automatic online synch with Google Photos, as I would prefer not to have them saved online that way, trying to UnGoogle my life…)

Thanks for you help !

Have you chosen “Use USB for File transfers” from options available when connecting to Mac? Photos should be found in DCIM > Camera folder.

When you connect the FP2 to the Mac, choose the option PTP. Then open the Fotos App on the Mac. The pictures on the FP2 would automatically be shown in the Fotos App with the option to import them all.

As easy as that.

Hello, sorry for this late answer. I couldn’t work it out and focused other things, but I’m back to this topic and it’s strange because I have lots of pictures on my phone, but my DCIM folder only have 3 files (these have names starting with a dot and random letters and numbers).

Actually, first I didn’t try this as I was not using Photos app from Mac on purpose, just wanted to save the files, not import them in any app. But now, out of curiosity to solve this problem, I tried it and the Photo app indicates there are no pictures to import from the device, but I have plenty of them on my phone… really weird. Any idea what could cause that?

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