Transfer ringtones and/or Clock from FP1 to a Smartphone

Dear people,
after years using a FP1, it is dying. Due to some problems I want to rescue some photos, and apps. Specially I would like to rescue and transfer the clock and ringtones from FP1 to a non-FP-Phone. Do you have an idea how to do this?

The phone is very sensitive, When you move it much the battery get empty. So with a SD Card could be very tricky.

Thank you and Saludos

In case you are curious which problems this good old FP1 companion has:
back cover is bowing–> Battery get a loose connection very often → empty Battery. Battery charge signal shows wrong charging capacity.
When connect to internet the phone looks for hours after updates–> there is no updates anymore …, In the last months I could use it just as an alarm clock, but now not even that :frowning:

You can actually set any playable music file as your ringtone. The ones you are after could be found here, but right now the links are dead (I’m just trying to find out if they can be uploaded again):

Regarding the clock, that will be harder. I found the default clock on my FP3 wanting, too, and installed this one instead which was “basic” enough for me and didn’t waste too much space on design and misplaced controls and spent it on the actual clock and stopwatch themselves instead :slight_smile: : Clock | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Thank you Urs!!

yesterday after maaaany tries I could activate the FP1. Transfer some pics to the laptop. And I was that crazy to look online after the ringtons and bells. I discovered this great web:

there are almost all alarms of FP1 and I created an excel sheet with almost all links to the ringtons. If somebody want it. Send me a message.

Oh… Once I download that the Clock from F-Droid. But to install it in a non-FP (a Samsumg baaah :-/ until I purchase a FP3) seems to be tricky as you say. Somehow I should deactive the incorporated Clock, but how?

Settings > Apps and Notifications > All apps > … ?

I tried there… And found three different clocks! belonging to the phone (°_° )