Transfer notes from iPhone to FP3/android

Have anyone else gone from iPhone to FP3 and realized that i can be a hard time to transfer both your local data aswell as your iCloud data? I’ve managed to transfer contacts, calendar and photos via the Google Drive Backup service, but it’s harder to transfer things such as messages and notes (in the IOS app).

When searching for answers, it seems to be possible on some android phones, and via som third party-apps. When i try the alternatives i find on the FP3, it just doesn’t work. Now, the only thing i truly care about getting back is the notes (since i have 200+). And what notes app should i use on FP3?

Have anyone else done this transition, and maybe have some tips?

Have you already seen this Fairphone page:

Maybe there is something new to you?

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Or you can try Eelphone Mobile Transfer, it’s easier.

This is literally the reason why so many people who don’t use Apple devices hate them so much. Because Apple completely locks you inside their ecosystem and it’s extremely hard to get away from it.


The search engine you prefer should find plenty of helpful articles on this topic, for example

Same for note taking apps. See for example


I personally like Google Keep. If you’re more on the minimalistic side, check out

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