Transfer full backup of internal storage to another FP2

Hey there,

I have 2 FP2 here. Is there a way to exactly duplicate the data from the internal storage from one FP2 to the other?

I don’t mean via Seedvault, since some apps are not backupped there. Rather I wonder if there’s a way via TWRP or ADB, like creating a complete image.

And will such an image probably work on another FP2 or is there something like hardware IDs?

Thank you very much!

I’ve done dozens of cloning from one FP2 to another, so yes, I can tell you doing a #twrpbackup should allow you to clone it.
You will also need to do a backup of your internal storage (your files) by doing adb pull /storage/emulated/0 on your computer with adb active.
You can just then copy the backup on the second FP2 (e.g with an SD-card) and restore.
Mind though that I have experienced problems when backing up the system image on Lineage OS 17.1, you may need to reinstall the system on the new phone to then restore the data partition.

What is your exact system configuration?


Wow, thank you! Good news also.

Both phones have the latest LineageOS 18 (4. October) installed.

The receiving FP2 has a broken SD-card-slot. Can I just adb sideload the image and then restore it with TWRP?

Btw.: Is it normal behaviour that I can not access the internal storage (for example the DCIM folder) from my PC without adb?

When you connect your Fairphone to the computer, a notification will pop up where you can enable data access. You will have to enable it every time you connect your phone to the computer.

That is actually a security feature so, for example, a fake charger is unable to steal your data.


Hey, thank you. I know that I have to enable data access. But after enabling it, I can only see the sd-card-contents, not the DCIM folder on the internal (non-sd-) storage. And if I have no sd-card (because the slot is broken), I should be able to access the internal (non-sd-) storage.

Hey, could please help me someone with this last question: How do I copy an image to my second FP2 without SD and without a possibility to access the internal storage.

Did you try to boot TWRP on the second FP2 and check if you can access internal storage then?

An exact procedure to clone your phone:

  • start in TWRP on the first phone (either flash or #twrpwoflashing)
  • do a #twrpbackup on the internal storage (hope you have enough room, if not tell me I can adapt my guide) only selecting data and boot
  • have adb working on the computer, start a terminal/cmd, then run adb pull /data/media in the folder you want it to be saved (you can browse a path with cd [path])
  • start the second FP2 in the LineageOS recovery (LOS 18.1 doesn’t officially support TWRP)
  • reinstall LOS with their install guide but don’t restart
  • start the phone in TWRP
  • on the computer run adb push media /data/media in the folder where you pulled /data/media previously
  • come back to TWRP, Restore, choose the backup in the internal storage and restore

Your system should have been successfully cloned!

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Thank you, Alex.
TWRP is able to write a backup to data/media/TWRP/BACKUPS.
But the adb pull command say “no permissions”, no matter which directory I want to pull.
I was never able to access any LineageOS’ internal storage.

Hi @ase, sincerely sorry for the long delay.
Hmm. Try the same with /storage/emulated/0, this should work.
Are you trying to do the pull from TWRP or from system?

Or otherwise, dumb question perhaps, did you try another cable?

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