Transfer audio files from computer (mac) to fairphone 3 /

Hi, does anybody have a hint for me, which app I should use to activate audio files I transfered on fairphone 3 ? I am dealing with mp3 music files and .wav files
I transfered them via Android File Transfer but do not manage to open the files on my phone…
It seems that the super recorder app just shows the directly recorded files and that the download file just shows the directly on the phone downloaded files…
I see the names of the files on my computer screen, but cannot activate them on the phone…
Thanks for reading and eventually helping me in this case! Best, Beate

What format do these music files have? Maybe it’s a format the FP3 doesn’t support.

Have you tried any normal music player app? The FP3 should have at least YT Music pre-installed. Under normal circumstances, this should find and be able to play your audio files without any further preparation.

Recorder apps might only play their own formats.

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Did you transfer the files by chance to the SD card?
Is your SD card formatted as Internal storage or as portable storage?

Since I see the files on the Computer in the Android file transfer I presume that this is the SD card? How can I identify the storage format…
where should I put the files… thank you

they are mp3 and .wav files

Now I activated YT Music, and I downloaded another music player - now I found my file and I can hear it!! Great - thanks for your advice, Urs! ouf,…

They should be playable with every audio app (I use VLC), and also via the stock file manager.

Ups, too late :wink:.

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