Trade-in of an old phone

today I tried to find out the value of an Samsung S3 (16GB) when traded in while buying a Fairphone.

If the pay that much money for a Samsung from 2012, how can they still exist? Or is it an antique price?
Their partner for that offer is They don’t sell phones from 2012.

Highly unlikely!

The site you mention is not that of Fairphone, but of Cordon (with whom FP have a contract for warranty repairs).

This might be a translation problem. Maybe the 430€ is the price of the “new” phone you’re buying, after reduction for the trade-in?

Anyway, all I can see on their site, for the model you mentioned, is an offer to recycle the phone.

On the other hand if I cite a recent iPhone, then I get a cash estimate.

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jochen0 is right. It’s the quote you get when you go through Fairphone’s Recycling Program links (“Value Check” in the green middle section):


Thank you Urs. Has someone here experiences whit CADAOZ? On the next screen they want to know the IMEI. May be they check that with a database of stolen phones. But that early in the process?

What, if Fairphone want to lure customers to buy a new phone from them if they see the high offer for the old one?

I don’t think it’s intentional. Most likely a data entry mistake on Cadaoz’s part. Last time I checked the Recycling Program offered 0€ for a fully functional 2013 Fairphone 1*. I would think the calculator is only embedded and maintained primarily by Cadaoz.

* correction: now 5€ :wink:


If they guaranty the price, it would be … o.k. :grin:

I’m sure it is a Mistake. Please, inform fairphone or the error so they can solve it. As you said, we don’t want fairphone to fall in bankruptcy.

I just change a Samsung A20E (2019) for 15€.

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You should count yourselves amongst the fortunate ones. If you live in the U.K. Fairphone, and any associated partners, will not take your old phone for recycling. At least that was the conclusion I eventually came to while attempting to do so :person_shrugging:
I have been wrong before :smile:

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Slight adjustment :wink:

Other Galasxy S3 variants were getting unrealistic quotes three days ago as well, and they are all down to 0€ now. (Note: I had fed this into Fairphone then and got a first feedback yesterday.)


Then you are to blame if a Samsung Galaxy III owner does not get any money for his valuable phone. Shame on you! :smirk: