Toxic chemical management

Maybe things have change in the two years since this was presented.
Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

  • Best (Apple, Huawei)
  • Middle (Alphabet ~ Google, Lenovo, Motorola, Samsung, Sony)
  • Worst (Doro, Fairphone, HMD Global (Nokia), HTC, LG, TCL (Alcatel, Blackberry), ZTE)
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According to the report, this is the reason why Fairphone were rated worst:

The last time we researched Mobile Phone, in 2016, Fairphone received our middle rating as it had made efforts to reduce the use of PVC, phthalates and BFRs. But in the research for this guide, Ethical Consumer could not find any information on the Fairphone website, nor did we receive any response from Fairphone, regarding their policies around these issues. For this reason, it received our worst rating.

Maybe Fairphone should get in contact with them…

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Like they don’t have enough on their plate dealing with consumer reports, but I am planning to email them a few queries I may just note that. :construction:

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