Touchscreen stopped working

Dear all,

One week ago, while using my phone, the touchscreen suddenly stopped working. I did nothing strange (just typing a message) at the time. I could only turn it off by taking the battery out. But when restarting, I could not enter my pin, since the touch screen doesn’t work.
After a few days, it miraculously worked again. And then it stopped working again after a few hours.
I tried the #touchscreentest, but unfortunately the screen remains hanging on “Fairphone” and doesn’t continue to any blue screen.

Any idea what I could do? It is rather urgent, since I just cannot use my phone at all at the moment…


I’m afraid that only works on the Fairphone 1. For the Fairphone 2 you’ll have more luck following this support article. If the re-assembly step doesn’t work, contact Fairphone support. Though oddly enough they don’t explicitly mention the entire screen being unresponsive, it is something that they will look into and that they have replaced screens for in the past. If it is very urgent, I would suggest giving them a call instead (details are at the bottom of any support page).

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the tip. I managed to remove the screen (exciting, first time I opened the phone) and put it back in place, but it doesn’t make any difference.

I will send an email to the support service and follow up by phone if necessary. Thanks!


You should try cleaning the connectors when the screen is disassembled.


Dear Karolien,

I’ve the same problem. There is no constancy in it, what I do is push the right upper button (with which you switch off the phone) shortly, the screen turns black, then press the same button again, then sometimes you can continue with typing.
But most of the time the screen is still frozen and the problem get worse that’s to say it freezes even quicker. Take a pause of min 5 minutes and then you can carry on for some time, but the problem cannot be solved. It’s my second Fairphone2, the first phone had also continiously screenproblems. I’m sick and tired of it.

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Hi Paul and Tony,

Paul, of course I’ve tried cleaning the connectors. At the moment, the screen has been sent to Fairphone and I hope to receive replacement as soon as possible.
Tony, with me it was much more consistent. Turning on and off or whatsoever did not have any impact. So I hope changing the screen will be sufficient…

Anyways, service has been really good so far, so I’m sure we’ll find a solution :).

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