Touchscreen-Sensitivity when charging

Hi, When my FP3 is charging (with the original USB-C cable), it seems to loose the usual good touchscreen-sensitivity, so I have serious difficulties to use my phone when it is charging.

Please, any suggestion to solve this trouble?

Many thanks in advance!

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I can remember that the FP2 specifically had touch screen troubles with the grounding of some chargers.

Do you have options for testing a different cable and charger?

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I do not have options for testing a different cable and charger. My cable is working well and it is the original FP cable. Please find the charger attached, seems to be OK

You seem to have a problem when connecting to this thing, the cable is the original one, and you can’t check a different charger.
How does this charger then seem to be OK logically?


I have connected with another two different chargers and everything it’s okay, thank you everyone for your suggestions.