Touchscreen problems

Apart from now and again my screen acting up as though I am touching things when I am not I now have a problem whereby I cannot use the letter Q or type the number 1 because my un-fair phone 2 has decided that this should instead be the letter or number to the right of it. I have gone to the extent of touching the screen as far left as I can until it stops responding altogether yet still getting the correct letter or number is about as probable as winning the lottery it occasionally happens let’s say one in 15 goes is a good one. This is something that was not a problem and something that seems to have randomly occurred and was not of problem right after the last software update 1.3.6.

Please check out this topic:

There is a way to test if it’s a hardware or software issue described there.
If it’s a hardware issue and opening up the phone and cleaning doesn’t help then you’ll need to contact support to get a new screen.

If you have further questions please continue in that topic.