Touchscreen problem

I would want to know if others people had the dame problem as me. I sent my FP2 several times to the FP technician support for touchscreen problem. My FP2’s screen regulary freezes. I tried the factory reset, cleaned the screen ans motherboard, identified if an app was responsible for troubles, the maintenance tests un FP parameters… Nothing solved my problem.

I sent by twice my FP2 un warranty to FP technician, the motherboard, the display were changed and a lot of verifications too.

But each time, when the FP2 come back to me, all (or nearly) is good the first day but after the problem come back. Whatever (calling, not calling, un charging or not …) the touchscreen freezes anytime, ofter or sometimes. I have to use the power button to recovery the use Of the touchscreen. It’s awful to use the FP2 like that.

Do some people have the dame problem ? Could you advise me?

I think FP hasn’t got any new smartphone to send to me so they “repair” mine. I think it’s a great idea that repair instead of destroying, but I would like them to really repair my FP.

I like the PF philosophe despite my problem and want to go on the adventure.

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