Touchscreen not working after disassembling


I have disassembled my Fairphone 1 today to substitute the power button (i.e. I have just opened it by unscrewing the first 5 screws and opened it with a pick, but did not go any further than that) and my touchscreen has now stopped working.

Afterwards I realised that the antenna cable connector had been disconnected somehow, so I fixed that, but the touchscreen is still not working.

Any ideas of what I should do? I have already run a touchscreen test just in case.

Thank you so much!

Disassemble your phone again and reassemble. Perhaps something else isn’t connected just enough.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try. Would you recommend I disassemble it all, or just the same steps as before?

I have no idea which connection carries the touch functionality, but there are 3 connections between the screen and the main board:

  • in the top right corner or your picture above there is a black foam piece sticking on a switch-connector
  • the cable you already found connects the main board with the daughter board, which again has a switch-connector to the screen.
  • behind the main board there is another connector. You’ll first have to remove the other connectors and the screws and then either remove the camera from the screen or hold the camera to the screen while you tilt the main board forward around it (otherwise the camera will break apart and never be able to focus again). Then you get to the connector with a long instrument.
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Thank you! I had not realised that somehow the switch-connector under the black foam piece had been opened, so that was preventing the touch screen from working.

Happy new year!


Yep, I can confirm that it’s the connection in the upper right corner (below the black piece of foam). I fell for that too once. :sweat_smile:

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