Touchscreen keyboard problem

The keyboard (azerty) of my FairPhone has this fail : letters on the left side of the keyboard, when I use it in vertical mode, are changed (“a” becomes “z”, “q” becomes “s”. In landscape mode the changes are : “,” to “w”, “space” to “x”, or “c” and so on… That makes making phone calls or typing names in the agenda very difficult !
What are my options ? How can I repair this problem on my FairPhone?
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Which keyboard are you using?
Settings, Language & input, Android Keyboard or Gboard?
If so try Gboard of Google and see if the problems are solved then.
When you use Gboard, try changing to Android Keyboard.

I’m using the french : Clavier Android (AOSP). The GBoard doesn’t appear as a possible choice. Where can I find it ?

In the playstore from google.

Thanks ! I’ve installed Gboard. It works now in tle lanscape mode, but not in the vertical mode : I still get “z” instead of “a”, “s” instead of “q” !
Do you have other ideas ?

Sounds like part of the screen isn’t registering touch properly, see the topic linked below for troubleshooting tips:

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