Touchscreen goes crazy

Hi there!
Since a few days I experience weird things (where I imagine a problem with the touchscreen is responsible for). First I could not sent messages (in any messager, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal…). Writing was no problem, just the “Send” button seemed to not respond. Or did after maybe hitting it 15 times… This was annoying, but more or less could be handled.
Since yesterday now there seems to be a oversensitive spot on the screen, just on the top right corner, where usually the settings button are. Leading to the phone opening up random apps, opening the settings and just doing random things, which sometimes just can be stoppen by taking out the battery.
Sometimes restarting helps, but not always. And if it does it usually comes back after a short while.
This does not happen all of the time, but maybe 75%, making the phone pretty unuseable…
Is this a touchsrceen issue? Or software?

Update: I did the “Drawing” test in Maintenance: There seems to be a dead spot at the right side of the screen, where I can’t draw. At least not top-down, drawings from right to left it was possible.

#contactsupport .

If you want to try something before that, you could disassemble the display from the phone, clean the contacts on the display and the core module with alcohol and assemble the display again (here’s a nice video about disassembling/assembling the Fairphone 2).

Else … if you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help to confirm whether the display module is at fault here.


Thank you! I did dissassemble and clean the display, but with the result that it now is going completely nuts, not reacting at all or overreacting…

Mine being similar, though not identical. Keeps reappearing.

I have the same problem. I replaced the screen but there was no improvement. I cleaned all the accessible connections between the base and the screen but it made no difference. I think it is an intermittent hardware electrical connection fault inside the core module. Sometimes I can make it work by squeezing the screen and base unit together, between finger and thumb, but it does not last. Having spent a month on it I am now returning it to Fairphone for repair.

Hi everyone,
similar, reappearing problem here:

  • Few weeks ago: Touchscreen suddenly went wild, opening and closing apps, changing settings and so on.
  • Found the tip in the forum here (?) to disassemble and reassemble the display module. Did that. After that, the touchscreen wouldn’t go crazy, but there were at least two “dead” spots on the left edge of the display, which I could confirm using the “draw-app”.
  • After that I thought, oh well, I guess, I’ll have to buy a new display module soon.
  • Today, the touchscreen went wild again.
  • Took out the battery (turning off was not possible due to the wild “clicks” done by the touchscreen), disassembled the phone, reassembled it.
  • Touchscreen right now reacts normal, “dead” spots are gone!

Now I’m not sure of what to do. Right now, everything is fine, but how long???

I was in touch with Support, they reacted very fast, answer: " We suspect your Display Module is not working."
So I ordered a new display module, hope this will help :-/

I had the very same problem. Some dead sport at the typical position of the send button in messaging apps. I found out that there was actually a dead line all the way via the top to bottom of the screen, crossing the typical position of the send button. I also had moments that the screen was over reactive and taken inputs while there was no contact with the screen. I was afraid that it could be a fault in the core module but decided to buy a new display module first. So far (two weeks) I haven’t encountered the problem again.

I had the very same problem too.
But today I got help from #austrianfairphoners & #fairphoneangels providing test capability and a new display module. After three years my old FP2 display got blind spots and is worn put.
Thank You!:clap:

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