Touchscreen does not react to touch


I bought my Fairphone 3 about a year ago. It occurred several times that the phone’s display suddenly doesn’t react to touch at all. Mostly, I was able to fix this by disassembling the display and reassembling it. Most likely, it is due to a connectivity problem.

Unfortunately, it is now the second time it happens this week. And to be honest, I am getting tired of disassembling the display that often :disappointed_relieved: .

Does anyone else face this problem? Is there some way to fix it in the long term?

Thank you for your help!

Cheers, Hanna

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Please have a look at this thread, there was a potential solution given that could work for you as well (although it’s not exactly the same problem):


I have the exact same issue. The first couple of times I just took my Fairphone apart cleaned it and put it back together, but that stopped working after 2 times. Now I am not using my Fairphone and I am doubting to buy a new screen to see if that is working.
Ill post it here if I bought it and a new screen worked. If someone wants to give any advice on whether to try this or not please inform me.

You should perhaps mention that you had water (and possibly rice) damage.

I had water demage 2 months before this started happening, I think they might be related but that doesn’t have to be the case.


Fair enough.