Touchscreen does not react to touch


I bought my Fairphone 3 about a year ago. It occurred several times that the phone’s display suddenly doesn’t react to touch at all. Mostly, I was able to fix this by disassembling the display and reassembling it. Most likely, it is due to a connectivity problem.

Unfortunately, it is now the second time it happens this week. And to be honest, I am getting tired of disassembling the display that often :disappointed_relieved: .

Does anyone else face this problem? Is there some way to fix it in the long term?

Thank you for your help!

Cheers, Hanna

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Please have a look at this thread, there was a potential solution given that could work for you as well (although it’s not exactly the same problem):


I have the exact same issue. The first couple of times I just took my Fairphone apart cleaned it and put it back together, but that stopped working after 2 times. Now I am not using my Fairphone and I am doubting to buy a new screen to see if that is working.
Ill post it here if I bought it and a new screen worked. If someone wants to give any advice on whether to try this or not please inform me.

You should perhaps mention that you had water (and possibly rice) damage.

I had water demage 2 months before this started happening, I think they might be related but that doesn’t have to be the case.


Fair enough.

Hi, I’m not sure if this is too out of date, I found this thread searching for my own issue with this.

I performed a module replacement today, and experienced that the touchscreen wouldn’t work after doing this.

However, taking the device apart again, cleaning the screen contacts with denatured alcohol, and piecing the device together again, screwing the screws around that contact a little tighter than I usually would, the screen clicked properly into place, and a the touchscreen worked again.

Maybe this helps the next person who finds this thread.



@ jrdk Welcome to the forum, replied to you post about screws before I saw this :slight_smile:

I post an answer to this problem in the hope that it can help someone else.
I had the same problem with the touchscreen… and that increased dramatically to the point where I couldn’t unlock the phone when turning it on.
Fortunately, after removing the SIM card, the device worked fine… but a SIM card is unlikely to cause the problem and I was not able to make or receive calls either… so…
I went further in my search for a solution, before buying a new SIM card.
I even go back to factory settings … but that worked temporarily too.
It turns out that one of the last applications I installed on the device was TELEGRAM.
For about 2 months TELEGRAM worked without problems.
But I assure you that after uninstalling the TELEGRAM application everything else works perfectly, no lags, no delay, no ghost screen…
Beware of new apps installed that could add some internal subroutine that affects the whole Fairphone environment.


I am here to rectify …
After 48 hours of my supposed device repaired by factory settings and also avoiding any new applications that could affect the system environment … the touch screen once again does not work … this time there is no temporary solution by removing the SIM card…
I removed the battery and started again several times, but despite an initial buzz, the black screen does not react.
I am puzzled and very disappointed at this level.

Hi @nyuudo Belated welcome to the forum

So the repair was just a self done phone reset? Have you contacted Fairphone?

Have you considered disassembling and rebuilding the phone in case there are some contact issues with the modules?

Check to see if the water mark checks are still white.


I’ve considered disassembling only as a last resort.
I just made a request in the Fairphone support.
I’ve took much care with this device, mainly because I intended it to last long.
I didn’t have any issues before, no “water-related” accidents, or bumping int the ground or whatsoever… that’s why I always thought in something related to software instead of hardware… but what happend to the touchscreen is way beyond me, it’s really sad.

A few things to consider

  • if you send the phone to Fairphone they will wipe the phone so ensure you have any data etc stored on the SD card for example if you have one.
  • Ensure you are using the latest A10 0129 OS
  • If you have an SD card ensure it is formatted at portable/external NOT Internal
  • It is likely Fairphone will suggest you take the phone apart and reassemble it, so check the three little squares are all white else Fairphone won’t honour the warranty.
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I don’t care if I have to wipe the info, I just need a reliable device.
I always kept updated the OS.
I don’t really understand what You mean with: “three little squares are all white”
Thanks anyway, I’ll follow the instructions that Fairphone support sent me.

If you decide to dismantle the phone see the following post which shows one of the squares as red etc. How “waterproof” is the FP3? - #34 by amoun


Here again to confirm that my device is now working properly.
I followed the service support instructions, disassembled the screen, cleaned the contacts, reassembled and after a week of testing without the SIM card, now included, everything works as normal as I expected.

I sent a photo of the disassembled device to technical support. And it seems that everything looks good, so the only explanation is that probably a fortuitous collision, loosened the integrated interior, preventing the contacts of the screen from connecting and working properly.

I had a hard time admitting it was a hardware issue, but the support team and community here proved me wrong.
Thanks for your advice @amoun