Touchscreen becomes unresponsive - resolved by removing the cover

Hello. I am a proud Fairphone owner since February :slight_smile: Until now I had no problem but since yesterday morning, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive all the time. The first times I removed the battery. After, I noticed that only removing the cover helped to resolved the problem. Finally, I noticed that I just needed to remove the left lower corner of the cover for the touchscreen to be responsive again. Why ? How can I find a permanent solution ?
Thanks for you help!

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Interesting observation! I hope more people will look into this. Thank your for reporting here!

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This evening I already answered to a much harder issue case (FP2 droped down) same way. This time also some loosened contacts maybe the reason. So, disassemble and reassemble the display unit may fix a contact problem.

including youtube video about right manual steps . No tools needed.

anon9505190, so you think the display of @candice’s FP2 “lost” contact with the pin-ball contacts on the main board (and vice versa) and that reinstalling the display like shown in the video will help, right?

Her problem description shows an unstable phone. The fix only by moving the cover points to a mechanical hardware issue. Software usually cannot be tainted by moving the cover. You answered that you are rather surprised by this incident. To be honest I think that my FP2 also had several issues with stability of the display contacts. Keeping an eye on this forum stability of the FP2 is still an issue dispite several updates. So my chances or the probability of my advice may not be too low.

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Thank you anon9505190. I tried to follow the steps to dissemble the unit, but was never able to remove the screen…
Nevertheless just trying seems having fixed the problem! For now, it doesn’t freeze anymore!

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I am happy for you that you have back again full functionality. I hope the issue is really completely solved.
However I would recommend you to open your FP2 e.g. by assistence of a friend given the countless youtube videos (the one I refered to above should be sufficiant) . There is a chance of a pure mechanical little problme to come back because many people solved screen issues this way. The reason why you are allowed to open the display is most likely the same why the problem even was possible.

I would like to ask you one final question due to your incident: How long would tell by minutes or hours was your phone not available to you ? Not exactly only by your intuition or memory. You may take the first appearance of the problem until today and subtract maybe some hours that you even was able to use the phone in between . We call this survey the survey for customers phone downtime and prepare another thread/posting on this forum.

thanks for your answer

All together not more than 20 minutes I would say.

I recently had a problem with the touch screen lighting up but no responding when switched on first thing in morning. I fixed it by removing cover / battery and replacing each time. On reading replies above re loose contacts I realised the problem might be that I had started using a leather outer cover which I thought fitted OK but is probably too tight, hence squeezing phone. Have gone back to using a loose waterproof cloth cover (came with some cheap sunglasses!), and problem has gone away.

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