Touch works even when I lock the phone

I always lock my phone before putting it into my pocket. Nevertheless, I sometimes call people, write messages or even change system settings, all with my hip while my phone is in my pocket.

Is there any way to make the phone really lock reliably when I lock it?

When you say you lock the phone do you need a pin or pattern to unlock or just swipe to the side?
I had the same stuff going on in my pocket when I only needed to swipe to unlock. Now I use a pattern and it never happened again.

I have a lock pattern. However, it seems to take a few seconds after the screen is dark before the lock is actually in place.

Well then I have another idea.
You could download F2L. It lets you use your proximity sensor (provided it works) to lock the screen, so when you have your phone in your pocket it should always stay locked.

In case your lockscreen works but your problem from the other post persists you can also use this app to lock your screen during phone calls, usually it is preset not to do anything during calls.

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My music player is often turned on by accident. It usually happens when the phone is in my pocket so I don’t touch it but it might get some physical pressure. Anyone has an idea what happens?

Hey @Majsan
I moved your post here as you describe a similiar problem.
Does it only happen with the music player or do other apps and actions start on their own too?

Hi, thanks.
It is only the music player (which I hardly ever use otherwise). I’ll try to have a pattern to unlock the phone and see what happens.

Do you happen to have a pair of headphones with a remote control plugged in when this happens? Sometimes when the cable of the headphones is comprimised the remote control starts on its own.