Touch screen doesnot work

Since this morning, the touch screen of my fairphone 4 does not work.
I tried switching off and on, but it doesnot help.
I’m in the mountains, and iti spossible that it’d berelated to the cold, or maybe humidity.
What should I do?
Anything I could try withoug risking loosing my data?
Thanks for your help!

Pour secher : retirer batterie, placer dans une boite " tuperware" avec du riz sec. Ca seche super bien.

Best would be to disassemble to check if there is sign of humidity… Def dont go with the rice advise that would make things worse. If you cant dissasemble and you can go without phone, just take the battery out and dont try again to start it till you can have a look inside and ypu are sure its dry


Thank you, I don’t see signs of humidity. I will let it dry for the night, hoping to have a good surprise tomorrow…
Is there any way to control my fairphone without the touch screen? I can’t even log in!

With a docking station, external screen etc

In this topic you might find some info

If just the touch function is not working, you can connect a mouse to the USB port and move around.

No good surprise.
Still not working.