Touch Screen Broken (options)

Hello all,

I live in the United States so having my screen repaired is a little more complicated.

The touch screen is unresponsive but the phone still works.

When I connect the phone to the computer the computer does not detect any files or folders.

Is there any other way to navigate on the phone? Anyone try connecting a mouse via a micro-USB?

Anything I can do from my computer to transfer data to my computer?

Since your phone is not detected, I suspect a broken USB port, too. You could get a Bluetooth mouse to be able to navigate your phone.

Then follow this guide to access your phone’s files wirelessly.

Well, not necessarily, maybe the USB option is just set to “charge only”.

Can you still charge your phone? Then the USB port should work…

Since USB OTG cables are really cheap and in general a nice to have accessory, I would give it a try. You can connect any mouse without problems. I tried a cable USB mouse and a wireless one from Microsoft that uses a propietary radio standard and both worked directly, without any further configuration.

The only problem with the FP1 is that it uses hardware buttons. So if these buttons don’t work anymore as well, you’ll have to install an app that adds software buttons. I tried Back Button and it works well on the FP1.

No the USB still works… the computer is detecting the phone, its just not showing any files or folders within the FP when I open it on my computer. I think its because I have a password on my phone. I can’t turn off the password, though, because the touchscreen is broken.

If I simply plug in a USB OTG mouse will it work even though there is a password? Can I simply put in the passcode using the mouse?

Yes of course, you can type any text by clicking on the letters of the virtual keyboard.

and does it lock out inputs from the touch screen? Because the touchscreen is also sporadically touching buttons.

I’m not sure if I understood you well. The mouse doesn’t deactivate the touch functionality of the screen.

Okay well maybe I can try quickly getting into the phone and turning down the screen sensitivity… or just get it unlocked and then hook up to my computer to do file transfer

Hi so I got an OTG cable and hooked up my mouse to the phone… its not working though. No cursor shows up…

Could it because I am using a bluetooth mouse? I plugged the USB bluetooth portion into the OTG and tried navigating with my mouse.

You should try with a cabled mouse. I think the Fairphone won’t have a driver for the BT dongle…

Do you think it will matter if its analog or laser/optical?


I guess the mouse shouldn’t be too old because newer cable mouse should have standardized drivers… I can’t say for sure that every mouse will work.

I tried some cable mice, no problem. And my old wireless Microsoft mouse (propietary radio protocoll, no bluetooth) works as well.

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