Touch point offset

The keyboard on my brand-new Fairphone4 seems to indicate there is a touch point offset: when I press a key, the character on the key just under it will actually appear. This is very uncomfortable, I have to place my finger much higher up than intended.
Is there a way to correct this? (Touchscreen Calibration app does not help, it has no feature to correct the x-y touch point offset.)

While I do sometimes experience a slight impression that the keyboard is interpreting a touch slightly further down than intended - for e.g. when I touch a suggested word just above the first row of letters, I sometimes get a letter like T or Y instead of the suggested word - I think it’s basically due to sloppy tapping on my part :wink:

I’ve just done a serious carefully-controlled test and I don’t see any problem that I could reasonably complain about.
If you do, then that sounds like a bug and your first step should be to inform the official support: see #contactsupport .
One could imagine a physical misadjustment between the display and the touch reception layers of the screen.

Is the problem just with the keyboard or when touching any “object”?

Thanks for comfirmation.
Yes it’s with the keyboard, but then that’s also the interface where the point of touch is the most important. If it is interpreted lower down on an icon, it’s not really noticeable. So I don’t really know if it is with any object.
I do have exactly the same problem when touching the suggested words, but also with the other keys.
I did not have this problem with my iPhone. It’s rather annoying. It was worse after installing a different keyboard (which has cursor movement keys), but became “tolerable” again after (for a totally unrtelated reason) I had to wipe the phone clean and reinstall everything (and therefore also lost the other keyboard).

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